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Catwoman – Episode 80


32 Responses to “Catwoman – Episode 80”

  • Cristiona:

    Heh. That Andy Serkis joke was great.

    Also, holy crap, she washed up on Tashirojima!

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I was wondering if anyone was going to pick up on that one.

      Cat island! I was thinking of mentioning that but I went for the joke instead.

  • Crypticpsych:

    See, now I really really hope that Kate Gosselin got the idea for her haircut from this movie thanks to that joke…because that would be AWESOME.

    • Cecil:

      it’s funny how so many people made a big deal about her hair cut (even equating it’s popularity to something like “the Rachel” from Friends) when it is totally the same haircut from here. They should be calling it The Catwoman. lol

  • Wow. I’d heard this was bad, but I didn’t expect anything as bad as what I saw here. I had to stop the review at least four times to finish laughing at the horrendous dialogue. Not to mention that clip near the end were she stops the car with her butt. Wow.

    I can’t believe how far they went with the cat motif. Afraid of water, eating nothing but fish and catnip, its like they learned everything about cats by watching cartoons. It would be no less ridiculous if in the new Spider-Man movie Peter Parker started killing criminals and laid eggs inside their corpses.

    This was my vote for All Request January, and it did not disappoint. Thanks for wading through this crap for our enjoyment. Very much looking forward to Killer Klowns and Reanimator.

    • Cecil:

      The dialog is atrocious but I guess that is what happens when you have a script re-written by dozens of people.

      They went so far overboard with the cat motiff, I started to wonder if any of the people involved actually knew what a cat was before filming. Like you said, it was like they learned from watching cartoons. Oh and LOL on Spidey.

      Thanks! Glad I didn’t disappoint. This was quite an undertaking but I am really happy with it.

  • David:

    That review was awesome! I’ve actually seen the film on dvd probably sometime after it was released and can’t remember a thing from it now. Even watching your review was like seeing all that hilariously goofy stuff for the first time. I think I just repressed the film lol. Might have to track it down again and have a good laugh.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! The movie is bad but like I said, it is the enjoyable kind of bad. Just sit back and watch it like a comedy and you’ll have a great time.

  • bastardjackyll:

    Thanks for another great review to start the year off with!
    I usually leave your reviews really wanting to check out the movie, but I still cant bring myself to touch this stinker. Cheers.

  • Nicanor:

    Catwoman’s reputation precedes it, but I had no idea that it reached entertaining levels of badness! I thought it was simply a mediocre film like the theatrical cut of Daredevil that people hated on due to poor quality. No one told me Catwoman apparently reaches more to the heights of Batman & Robin and The Spirit in its concentration of absurd comic lunacy.

    This is your first video I’ve seen and I have to applaud your presentation. Like Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the best of online reviewers who follow in that show’s image, after watching your video I feel encouraged to actually seek out the trash and watch it for myself rather than simply saying “I’ve seen a review, had a good laugh, and that’s good enough.”

    Great job! =D

    • Nicanor:

      P.S. I had to pause the video at the Andy Serkis joke, I was laughing so hard. I then had to rewind just to fully appreciate the CGI cat’s big Gollum eyes once more!

    • Cecil:

      Thanks so much! I grew up watching Mystery Science Theater and I’m flattered by the comparison. I love Catwoman. It is entertaining in all the wrong ways. If you do manage to check it out I hope you enjoy it’s awfulness as much as I do!

      • Nicanor:

        I know several good stores that sell used movies with $2 -$3 bargain bins in the corner. It’ll show up at one of them sometime… Copies of Catwoman always make their way there! Same place I got The Spirit and Batman & Robin on DVD. Movies such as these are awful, but they’re the kind of awful that makes for a fun movie night with friends, or if you’re like me (and countless other MST3K fans) who can you can enjoy the train wreck all by yourself! The only truly awful movies in my eye are the ones that are both absurd and boring.

        P.P.S. Loved how you brought up Eartha Kitt as Catwoman! Was a purrrrrfect clip of her you threw in there to prove the influence =P

  • Eye-Roller Lass:

    Fat Sidekick is Fat. LOL.
    Good job there, honeycakes.

  • Jr.:

    We bought the DVD of this movie for $2 at a swap meet. Three years after the movie first released.

  • mogens:

    my favorite catwoman are:
    earha kit from 1966 tv serie and michel phifer from batman returns 1993

  • mogens:

    1.come on guys she was smoking hot in the catwoman outfit batman returns you can spoot easter egg of felix the cat

  • Darren J Seeley:

    This was hilarious! The film was so bad I completely missed the Crow refences–except for the more obvious one which, surprisingly, you didn’t mention. One of the henchmen (the guy Patience kicks out of the club) is played by Michael Massee who played Funboy in The Crow.

    As you know, I been getting caught up on your past videos. Keep up the good work!

  • Timo:

    The high point of this movie for me is the stupidest handwriting analysis scene ever. I had no idea you could make a complete personality profile of a person just from their handwriting! And only one short word at that!

  • Scott:

    I’ve watched and enjoyed many of your reviews, but I only watch reviews of movies I’ve already seen. I’m funny like that. I finally watched Catwoman recently so here I am.

    It was another great video….except….”FAT GIRLS ARE UGLY AND NEVER STOP EATING HURR DURR HAHAHA”. Again and again. Really? Verbal smacking an actress or character you don’t like is one thing, but this?

    Hey, It’s your show and it’s about your opinion, which is the point. But you still come across as an asshole.

    • Cecil:

      I was beating up the character not the actress. I rather like Alex Borstein but she was terribly miscast in this. For the film she was supposed to be a sort of hot to trot cougar but really, she just came off as more of a frumpy house marm. Just one of the many problems with the movie. Some of the vitriol may have also come from my distaste for the whole “oversexed” supporting character, like Samantha in Sex in the City.

      I’ve goofed on all kinds of character types. Fat, skinny, slow, etc. Hell, I’ve even mocked myself on a few occasions. It’s all meant to be funny. Sometimes it may get a laugh, sometimes it may get a groan. I just have to throw it out and see what works. This is a one man operation here, I do all the writing myself. Comedians will try new material out at smaller comedy clubs to see what works before putting it in their act. I don’t have that luxury. (also, not comparing myself to a comedian, what they do is way more difficult) I just have to write and rewrite my material and hope that it entertains my audience.

      If you feel that way, that’s fine it’s your opinion and you absolutely have a right to it. On the flipside, a lot of people like the Catwoman episode, fat jokes and all.

  • Astrakhan:

    Thanks for pointing out who played Drina, because I would otherwise swear up and down that it was Jessica Pare (Megan from “Mad Men”).

    • Cecil:

      Oh wow, she totally does look like Jessica Pare. Although I don’t know her from Mad Men (never watched it…I’m sure its great but its not really my thing) I know her from Lost and Delirious.

  • Michael Buehler:

    “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

    Got this message while trying to view this on youtube.

    • Cecil:

      I like how youtube put the blame on me. WB is blocking it because they don’t want other territories to see Catwoman for some reason.

      You should still be able to see it here though.

  • Kyle:


    I recently started watching your site on Youtube about 2 weeks ago after watching Fanboy Flicks. In that 2 week period, I’ve become addicted to your Good Bad Movies. OMG! So insightful, on point, informative and hilarious!!! I’m a third year nursing student as well as a film buff from way back. After a long day, before I go to bed, I watch 2 or 3 of your episodes. Always entertaining makes my day complete. I just finished a long week which concluded with my first exam of the semester. I am watching this review of Catwoman and literally in tears laughing my ass off! You called it all the way! Bravo! Please keep up the good work and if my film friends know nothing about your site, they will now! Thank you again! I am certainly a fan!

    • Cecil:

      Thank you! I’m really glad you are enjoying them. I put a lot of work into each video and I always appreciate hearing that they are, well, appreciated. 🙂

      Nursing is rough, my hat is off to you. I have a close friend who is a nurse and she tells me some horror stories. Best of luck to you, its tough getting through med school but the end will be worth it.

      Lots more to come, hopefully they will help offset the long nights of studies. ^^

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