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Cecil Recommends – Netflix Instant Movies Volume 5

Well, this wasn’t planned. I was supposed to have Policewomen as the movie this week but due to some last minute business, I didn’t have time to finish. So I whipped together a Netflix video for you to watch in the meantime. Unfortunately, I’ll be away next week too so I won’t have the review until the week after that. Bah! Lousy timing! Anyway, I’ll still be checking in to Facebook and my site, so I’ll still be around. Policewomen will be worth the wait!

10 Responses to “Cecil Recommends – Netflix Instant Movies Volume 5”

  • Cristiona:

    Happens to the best of us, Cecil. Hope the trip goes well (or as well as can be expected).

    Also, Breakdown sounds pretty interesting. I’ll have to check it out.

    • Cecil:

      Thank you. The time away next week was planned but this week a million things popped up that took up all my time. March and April always seem to be crazy for me for some reason.

      Breakdown is very good. I think you’ll enjoy it a lot. It’s one of those movies that should have been a hit.

  • john:

    I tried looking for Eagles Path/Soldiers that was listed on IMDB as being made in 2010 with no reviews but I can’t find it anywhere just the trailer.

    Did this ever get a UK or North American release?

    • Cecil:

      Currently it is doing the film festival route looking for a distributor. They are planning on releasing it to DVD this year.

  • bastardjackyll:

    Oh. My. God. The. Snakeman. From. Dreamscape.

    *childhood memories*

    *huddles in the corner*

    *shakes uncontrollably*

    • Cecil:

      Same! That thing scared the crap out of me when I was a kid! (also, the “head rip open” thing from later in the film)

      • bastardjackyll:

        Scary stuff, man; that movie makes a big jump from sci fi to horror in the last 10 minutes for sure!

        As usual all of those picks look great, although I was hoping for something a little different when I heard that Alice Eve was in a movie called “ATM”, oh well…

  • Alex:

    The Quest was really good. Van Damme should’ve directed the Tekken film.

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