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CM’s Black Sheep Cinema episode 2: Friday the 13th PART 5 w/special guest Cecil

I was recently on The Cine-Masochist’s side project “Black Sheep Cinema”. He takes a look at popular horror franchises and picks that one movie in the series that the fans have issue with. He then goes over the film by taking a look at what makes the fans so angry and addresses why the movie shouldn’t be attacked at so harshly.

This episode is about Friday the 13th part 5, the entry in the franchise that makes fans mad because it isn’t really about Jason Voorhees. I jump in a ways into the video to express why I like the movie and why it is a solid entry, with or without Jason. (which in a way, brings to mind Halloween Season on the Witch…although that movie is a complete departure from the series)


CM is a very knowledgeable about low budget movies and if you haven’t already, you should give his show a view or two.

Cecil Recommends – Netflix Instant Movies Volume 5

Well, this wasn’t planned. I was supposed to have Policewomen as the movie this week but due to some last minute business, I didn’t have time to finish. So I whipped together a Netflix video for you to watch in the meantime. Unfortunately, I’ll be away next week too so I won’t have the review until the week after that. Bah! Lousy timing! Anyway, I’ll still be checking in to Facebook and my site, so I’ll still be around. Policewomen will be worth the wait!

I Miss Cop Rock


So what could it be this week?

Blood Diner – Episode 122

Don’t do it Stan!

I’m in the mood for pancakes


Here is this week’s hint. I think the past few weeks were too easy so I ramped it up for this one. What do you think it is?

(the pancakes have nothing to do with this, I just would like some pancakes)