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I Miss Cop Rock


So what could it be this week?

22 Responses to “I Miss Cop Rock”

  • Cristiona:

    Shit, I’m drawing a blank on what I really think it is, so for meow, I’ll just guess Super Troopers?

  • The fact that its a photo of all female cops can’t be a coincidence. “Police Woman” is a TV Series, so that doesn’t seem a likely contender.

    Probably not one of the Robocop sequels . I thought you already reviewed “Maniac Cop”, but maybe you’ve just mentioned it so much that I just think you did. Or maybe I’m getting mixed up with “Omega Cop”.

    I saw “Dead Heat” a couple weeks ago, that was fun, but the lack of “Cop” in the title makes me doubt its what you’ll be reviewing.

  • bastardjackyll:

    The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Rock n Roll Detective!

    • Cecil:

      Suzuki Samurai! Here’s to you…

      I saw this in the theaters before the media crybabies had it yanked from the cinema.

  • katie:

    ford fairlane

  • Bryan:

    I have no clue. Miss Congeniality 2?

  • Lucas:

    NYPD 2069? Zombie Nation? Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence? Darkman III? Police Academy LVIII: Asswipes of Vengeance? Beverly Hills Cop 3? Cop Land? Vampire Cop?
    I need answers, damn it!

  • Leo:

    Something with Ronny Cox?

  • mobius322:

    Fuck yeah a pic of Police Women of Dallas. It is the only ‘reality’ TV show I’ve ever actually watched on purpose. Mostly cause I get to go “Oh shit! I know where they’re busting that guy at!” being in the DFW myself.

    • Cecil:

      Never seen the show but I don’t watch much reality tv. I just needed a pic of Policewomen.

      • mobius322:

        Same here, can’t take reality TV either. Like I said Police Women of Dallas is the only one of those kinda shows I’ve ever watched on purpose.

        I’m not a real big fan of TV shows, period, even those “prestiege shows” on HBO like Deadwood or whatever. Probably why I haven’t bothered to have cable in almost 10 years now : P

  • cynthia khan:

    in the line of duty (one of the film series)

  • Will:

    I’m guessing Bad Girls … the Western with Madeline Stowe. Though I can’t see that flick on this website.

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