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I Come in Peace – Episode 14

14 Responses to “I Come in Peace – Episode 14”

  • Matt:

    Nice! Glad to see I Come in Peace talked about…a personal favorite of mine…not only one of my favorite buddy cop movies but my all time favorite Dolph Lundgren flick.

    I know there’s talk of Shout Factory during something with this one down the road, maybe with an interview with Dolph Lundgren.

    Great job.

  • john:

    I think Endangered Species/Earth Alien might have ripped of major elements of this movie with the two alien species the killer killing and searching for perfect human specimens for some reason to collect I think to make jackets out of their skins like they did the dinosaurs being hunted by an alien bounty hunter who teams up with a cop although the side kick partner character is not the typical buddy cop like in this and every other film.
    Even his high tech weapon is similar that he has a gun that shoots heat seeking bullets while in this it is a razor disk thing.

    I just watched Showdown in Little Tokyo after watching this review on YouTube and is a pretty good action/ buddy cop movie.

    • Cecil:

      I keep seeing that one on Netflix but haven’t watched it. Now I’m curious, I’ll check it out. (plus it has Arnold Vosloo in it, who is great) I just started watching the Asylum knockoff of Hansel and Gretel so I’ll check this next.

      Showdown in Little Tokyo is a blast!

      • john:

        It also rips of scenes/elements like They live and the Terminator except it looks like a cheap action/sci-fi flick made in the early 90’s.

        The funniest thing is the alien on the US DVD cover does not appear in the film and the one on the UK cover looks more menacing and is a different colour. :0

        Got to watch this movie on YouTube that I have got a whole bunch of other movies to watch including Oscar contender movies that I have still not seen yet except Django Unchained that suddenly came out near the end of last year or the beginning of this year here in the UK anyway.

  • john:

    I just watched this film on YouTube that is a good action flick that holds up well today.

    Surprised I have never heard of this film before or is not more well known like Stone Cold or Showdown in Little Tokyo that I had at least heard about although not knowing much or anything about the story.

    If action film genre did not start to die out in the early 90’s maybe due to oversaturation like the current crop of zombie flicks I think Lungdren would have made a great action hero that I was surprised he could fight so well in action scenes given his height.

    • Cecil:

      Not sure why the action genre died out in the 90s. They had plenty that did well financially and I don’t remember the popularity ever really going away. I think it just evolved into what we have today. A group of people, often teenagers, fighting against robots.

  • Just thought I would give you a heads up that Shout Factory has released this on DVD and Bluray. It is under the “Dark Angel” title, but still – based on the other “Scream Factory” releases, it should have some solid features.

  • Ryouga:

    You failed to mention the awesome perpetually spinning disc weapon. This was the main thing I remembered Dark Angel for.

  • Calob:

    i first watched this on Cinemax in 96′, thought it was pretty bad ass even though it had a 1 and half star rating. just goes to show most critics dont know dick lol

    really love this site, i’m glad Matt Zion of WrecklessEating recommended it. 🙂

    • Cecil:

      Critics for the most part don’t seem to understand the concept of movies that are just meant to be entertaining.

      Awesome! Matt and WE are a great bunch!

  • Ryan:

    I remember this one! good job! brought me back!

  • Kenney Mabie:

    my high school teacher did the pyrotechnics in this movie she also did the makeup for pinhead in hellraiser but i forget which one …

    she brought in all her set photos one day it was awesome

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