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Cyborg 2 – Episode 89

Don’t get dead.

13 Responses to “Cyborg 2 – Episode 89”

  • Cristiona:

    Holy crap… that cast! I almost fell out of my chair at the reveal of Mercy. I also spent half the review going, “Wow, that girl playing Cash is trying really hard to be Angelina Jolie.” Between this and Hackers, whatever happened to her? She did some great camp! Well, she did Sky Captain, I suppose. We need more movies like that and like these.

    Speaking of direct to video sequels (um… sorta), you should do the Prophecy trilogy. I know there’s 5, but the last two don’t count.

    • Cecil:

      Jack Palance has one of those voices that just stands out. Lance Henriksen is another one. I met him last year and I just wanted to sit down and listen to him saying normal things. Everything he said sounded interesting, even the most mundane.

      Sky Captain would have benefited from not having stupid Gweneth Paltrow. Ugh, she irritates me.

      The Prophecy movies are quite good. I haven’t seen 4-5 but it sounds like that is a good thing. I did plan on doing the series at some point.

  • Allison:

    Coincidentally, I was reading a list on of the seven words that make a crappy film title, and “Cyborg” was one of those words. I was looking at the girl and saying to myself, ” why does she look so familiar?” Then I realized it was Angelina Jolie, and was actually shocked. She actually was quite pretty here, but that was a lame comment she made on how this movie made her feel sick. How terrible is that? She could have done worse, I’ve seen that one movie she made with the lesbian love triangle or whatnot…what was that called? Foxfire? Something with Fox in it, right?

    Even though I have never heard of this movie (that wouldn’t exactly be par for the course, I’ve only heard of a few movies on here!), this review was funny! Good work as always Cecil!

    • Cristiona:

      There was Foxfire, yeah. And she also did Gia, which is popular for the same reason Embrace of the Vampire is…

      • Cecil:

        The thing that gets me about Gia is that people try and insist it is a good movie. I thought it was mediocre at best and is only remembered for all the nude Angelina. Although, I thought she looked awful in it.

        It was an artsy film that wanted to be more than it was and failed.

    • Cecil:

      Cracked is hilarious. They are dangerous because I go there for one article and two hours later I am on my 10th article.

      I remember seeing Angelina here and then years later when she was huge I couldn’t believe it was the same girl.

      Actors and actresses need to get over themselves. Some of them are humble and are cool with their roots. Others, like in this case, get all high and mighty because they are so much “better” than that now. She should realize that every actor has to start somewhere. The majority of the big players now have their roots in horror, b movies, and other low budget fair.

      I kind of liked Foxfire but then again, I liked Little Witches. Foxfire was trying to be insightful but ended up being silly.

      Thanks! 🙂

      • Mike M:

        Yea man, kinda like how Thomas Jane was in Nemesis….I wonder how he feels about that one. Great flick though. Anywho, good review…Palance rocks….really liked him in Outlaw and that Brute commercial. 🙂

        • Cecil:

          Thomas Jane is one of those great unsung actors. He’s a great actor with a very solid range and yet hasn’t become a household name like Jonah Hill or Channing Tatum? I don’t get this industry sometimes.

          Jane seems like a pretty humble guy so I don’t see him dismissing the film. Besides, he got to do that one scene with Deborah Shelton in the best shape of her life. I know I wouldn’t have complained.

          Palance is one of those guys that even when he was in his 80s, I’m sure he could kick my ass. lol, oh the old cologne ads. Skin Bracer makes Jack Palance feel sexy!


  • john:

    Good to know androids have evolved technologically in the future to look like Angelina Jolie from Roxxy that looks like Patrick Swayze in drag from the film To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.

  • Jr.:

    i dont know if anybody’s realized it yet, but that doctor towards the middle of the video is Bob, the Joker’s head guy from Burton’s Batman.

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