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Leprechaun in Space – Episode 97

As Shakespeare said, shit happens.

This episode was a new landmark for Good Bad Flicks. Thanks to Matthew, a fan of the show, he was able to play this episode at the King Street Alternative Film and Video Festival in Toronto Canada on June 15th. (A festival that he operates) I would have liked to have been there to see it but just knowing it was there is awesome. Things went well and it was rated very highly by the judges. Outstanding!

Here is a link to their facebook page.

Thanks again Matthew!

35 Responses to “Leprechaun in Space – Episode 97”

  • Chris:

    Will you be reviewing “Resident Evil” with the release of its fifth film?

    • Cecil:

      I’ve been thinking about it after seeing the new trailer. I love the series and I think it would be fun to do an episode on the first one. Plus, since the new movie isn’t out until Sept, it gives me time to plan.

      • Iren:

        I’d really love to see “Resident Evil” in Angry Orange Cat’s vision too!

        • Cecil:

          Ok, I’ll put it on the schedule for September. 🙂

          • Iren:

            Yay! Thank you 🙂

          • Cecil:

            No problem 🙂

          • john:

            Resident Evil is good entertainment but I have no clue as to what the purpose of the Umbrella corporation is and how it makes money after zombifying most of the planet appart from its big and evil and wants to take over the world.


            There was a rumour after the last film they were going to reboot the franchise like Batman and The Amazing Spiderman .

          • Cecil:

            Well, initially it is all about genetic experimentation and viral warfare contracts. When it spirals out of control it is being guided by a group of people who are in it to use the spread of the virus as a means to get themselves into a seat of power.

  • Matthew:

    Official Unofficial People’s Choice Award for Top Documentary or Video Essay

  • Cristiona:

    He killed a guy by turning his face into a pancake? Also, I love the font the computer uses.

    And I totally need to get me a studded bra like the princess has. Not sure why, but I really want one.

    • Cecil:

      He throws a metal tray at his head and flattens it. (the scene was too long to show the whole thing) Its pretty funny.

      LOL don’t all computers use comic sans as their main font?

      I’m pretty sure there are some bondage shops where you can get one. I used to see them more in the early 90s with the female metal bands. I always wondered what happened if they tripped and fell?

      • Cristiona:

        Or it they gave someone a hug! I mean, those spikes on the princess’s (princess of what? Space? Mars?) looked pretty sharp.

        • Cecil:

          She was the princess of…something or other. I think they mention it at some point but I went back and watched a few clips and they never say exactly.

          I’d say Princess of Mars but then we’d have John Carter all up in here.

  • Mario:

    Another favorite classic. 😉

  • Hi Cecil!

    I saw the original Leprechaun film back in the mid-1990s, when I was about 14. It was so strange, I just remember not being afraid of it at all, just mildly disturbed! I remember Warwick Davis from seeing Willow when I was 7 years old. It’s amazing how young he was when played most of his early roles – he was only in his teens when he played an Ewok, and about 17-18 when he was in Willow.

    This review was funny, though I don’t think I will be seeing this movie anytime soon. The acting will probably piss me off, and I don’t like to be angry!

    As always, a good laugh to be had!

    • Cecil:

      I know some people were freaked out by it but I always found them funny. I was happy that they kept making them because Davis is such a cool guy and it was great for him to have his own series where he was the lead.

      Surprisingly, the acting isn’t all that bad. I’ve seen worse…much worse. (Hack-o-lantern comes to mind)

      Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

      • Hack-o-Lantern was the second review of yours that I saw, the first being Masters of the Universe. I was in love immediately!

        • Cecil:

          Awesome. 🙂

          Always cool to know what brought everyone here.

          • It is always good to know how your fans discovered you. I just started my own blog, and am trying to garner more readership. I haven’t really posted anything big on it yet, but I plan to, and I’m hoping to get a good readership. I will feel the same way if it takes off for me!

  • Yes yes! I immediately put my vote in for the mittens face being a running gag. (I’m surprised you didn’t use him instead of the “weirdest boner” pic – but that was a good choice too)

    • Cecil:

      I have a folder with stuff I use for multiple episodes (the arrow, my intro) and now I added the picture of Mittenhand. 🙂

  • john:

    The film does have a softcore porn fell to it with its cheesy sets and CGI 🙂

  • Gardar:

    I love your show, you are friggin hilarious =)

  • mogens:


  • Jr.:

    My favorite has to be number 3 mostly because of the locale and the girl is really cute. And im not too sure how Hornswoggle is gonna pull the new Leprechaun off.

  • mogens:


  • mogens:

    whatever i still want jennifor aniston and mark holton back

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