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Death Spa – Episode 135

17 Responses to “Death Spa – Episode 135”

  • mogens:


  • Eric S:

    Wooden wall penis. haha

    Teela (Chelsea Field) scaring people when they are on edge is classic.

  • katie:

    handsome Eric did a great job on the intro. I have heard of this before but was not all that interested. btw have you seen slaughterhouse rock it’s cool

    • Cecil:

      He wanted to do something different this time and he nailed it. I’m constantly digging these things and having lots of fun with being creative.

      I think I saw Slaughterhouse rock a long time ago, I’m pretty sure I have it on VHS. I’ll check it again.

  • Cristiona:

    Death Spa: The Spa That Eats. Er… wait…

    Oh my god. The hairstyles… the clothes… the excessive nudity… this is like pure, distilled 80s.

    Ooo… the Relic. What a ridiculously fun flick. The little old lady curator looked and talked almost exactly like one of the English professors at my college. A buddy and I couldn’t stop laughing. Well, that and the bobbing for SWAT scene was comedy gold.

    Another great episode, Cecil. I might have to check this out.

    • Cecil:

      hehehe, speaking of which, Death Bed is on the list. Although now that you mention this, I’m going to look and see if there has ever been a “Hot tub that eats people”. Hell, there is the Refridgerator for crying out loud so anything is possible.

      The Relic is such a cool movie but whoever lit the film needs a reintroduction to lighting. The creature animatronics was so well done but we couldn’t see it most of the time because it was so dark. Still, I like it but I’ve always felt that I would like it more if it was brighter. I’ve heard the book is tremendous.

      Thanks! 🙂

  • john:

    I haven’t seen that much nudity in a shower since Schindlers List. 🙂

    Do you plan to review any films that were runners up in the vote for viewers choice of the films you did back in January in the future like No Holds Barred?

    • Cecil:

      Holy shit LOL! (ah gallows humor)

      As a matter of fact I have unofficially been doing many frequently requested movies. Deathstalker and Ring of Steel were up there. The next 3 weeks are major requests I’m finally getting to. I’m still working on No Holds Barred but I’m waiting for the right time with that one. Probably later in the fall.

  • mogens:

    bad movies
    1.lenord part 6
    2.killer screws
    3.troll 1 and 2 belt jones
    5.jack d revenge
    6.smokey and the bandit prat 3
    7.robot monster

    • Eric S:

      you always have such a list, why not start your own review type show, blog. I doubt that Cecil has enough time to get to the specific ones you want as quickly as it seems you want them.

      plus Indiana Jones – Crystal Skull does not deserve the recognition of a revisit EVER even if to make fun of it.

    • Cecil:

      1 – eventually
      2 – never seen
      3 – Troll 2 is definite, probably for a landmark episode
      4 – Most likely
      5 – maybe
      6 – no
      7 – not really

      Well, at least you are getting the spirit of things

  • Viewer:

    The awesome Ken Foree just loves them short shorts. 🙂
    If you’ve never seen Richard Stanley’s desert horror Dust Devil (1992) with Chelsea Field, you might want to check that one out. It’s a mess, but an impressive mess none the less, and it’s so early 90’s, nightmarish and stylish (in a good way), you just can’t take your eyes off the screen.

  • Hahaha, thanks for mentioning “Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde” at the end…an underrated classic of the hilariously bad kind! 🙂 Wow, a movie that combines death with the overindulgence known as health spas? Fascinating! And the pictures at the beginning remind of the old Mount Airy Lodge, how’s that for nostalgia?

    Good stuff Cecil! 🙂

  • Rob:

    Ohh caught another reference at 4:30 the coke logic animation ghost(probably being blown away by a fan) from ted’s ghost hunter business shows up. Still been trying to catch the other ones in your video. still looking for Patrice references. Feel free to leave a hint or two.

    • Cecil:

      I’m honestly at the point where I don’t remember what videos I put them in. I know the Patrice one had something to do with the “Cheezily Weasilies” but no idea what video. Out of all the Jimmy bits, the ghost from Ted the Ghosthunter has made it into I think 3-4 videos.

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