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No Holds Barred – Episode 141

31 Responses to “No Holds Barred – Episode 141”

  • MVandi:

    Ahhh man, that dookie line was one of my favorite movie moments for many many many many years.

  • john:

    WCW was ahead of WWE in making film staring wrestlers with Ready to Rumble in 2000 before the company went bankrupt.

    Can’t remember if the film was any good or not.

    It’s a shame Dead Man Down did not do well in the cinemas but at least The Call did better than expected.

    Of the films I have seen WWE films have been pretty good.

  • I’m not surprised that a man who chews this much scenery chooses to emphasize the word “swallow”.

  • mogens:

    other hogan roles:
    1.dave dragon in 3 ninjas high noon at mega mountain
    2.mike mcbride in shadow warriors 2: hunt for the death merchant in black in muppets from space
    3.zeus in little herkules in 3-d
    4.terrafirminator v.o.(voice) in gnomeo and juliet
    please ansvar as as you can cecil

  • Mike:

    If this movie was made from the mid 90’s to now, almost guaranteed there would be a child custody or other preachy family value arc to humanize our hero. Kurt Fuller’s “Wayne’s World” role is probably the most notable for myself. He was such a D-bag in Ghostbusters 2.

    • Cecil:

      Exactly. The only thing they did to soften a hero was to show how he cared for his brother and how he forgave Sam. (the fact that she was hot I’m sure made it less painful)

  • Jr.:

    Oh God this movie is crazy. It really makes me wanna go back and just laugh. I was so excited that you included the Abdullah vs Zeus match because that match is so awful you can probably make your own review of it.

  • Viewer:

    This movie is the very definition of “so bad it’s good”. It’s horrendous, yet highly watchable.
    I love Hogan as an actor (what kid didn’t like Suburban Commando back in the day?), and Lister is just phenomenal in the antagonist role. The biggest flaw of the movie (besides often questionable taste) is that it can’t decide what it is. It’s not really a wrestling movie (you have, what, two actual wrestlers in it), and it’s not really a straightforward parody either.

    And then there’s the script itself. It has so many misses it makes you think it’s on purpose. What do you name your “super cool” new fighting show? The Battle of the Tough Guys (or something)?! That’s the best funny name you came up with? What?! No. Just no. How do you f this up? Your movie is called No Holds Barred. Just call the damned event No Holds Barred as well. It works as a “name-dropper” and as a cool title.

    And then, just when you think some chain-smoking underpaid monkeys wrote this, the script out of the blue references the classic b&w romantic comedy “It Happened One Night (1934)” with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert where Gable has to share the bed with Colbert whom he’s just met, so he hangs a blanket (like a curtain) between his and hers sides of the bed to make her feel more comfortable, while teasing her.

    And as for why’d they hire Severance out of all people… Wouldn’t you, if you were in Hogan’s place? 🙂 She’s a 90’s knock-out and a fine actress (especially in a role like this one).

    • Cecil:

      I think part of its charm is that it is so all over the place. If it was too serious it would have been awful. If they tried to be silly, it wouldn’t be funny.

      Battle of the Tough Guys is such an afterthought. Here is a man who is about to lose his entire network and that is the best name he can come up with. Its doomed to fail.

      I was saying Severance more for her sake. She always seemed like a more classy actress but still would up in movies like this and Black Scorpion. She’s lovely and I totally would.

  • mogens:

    what about movies with the rock in it?

  • Dar:

    Saw this in the theater, and really liked it.

    Funny enough, at around the same time I also saw “See No Evil Hear No evil” with Wilder and Pryor, also starring Joan Severance (with a topless scene).

    I remember as a young teen then thinking she was the most gorgeous woman in the whole world.

    She was, and it bothers me she never became a big star, especially since, like the contemporary Sherilyn Fenn, she was also a very good actress.

    • Cecil:

      Joan Severance is one of those actresses I’ve always found attractive and I’m shocked she never really took off. She’s very good and very sexy…I guess she needed a better agent? She was in plenty of stuff but never had that big hit.

      • Mike:

        You think the whole Playboy thing did her legit movie career in? I see she covered in 90 and 92. I guess given the choice between working 3-6 weeks with long days and a cranky director vs Sergio snapping a few pic one afternoon is a slam dunk.

        • Cecil:

          Kind of funny how Playboy seemed to help make or break careers. There was a time where is was like a last ditch effort to get exposure.

          I always thought her career was bigger but then going back and looking at her IMDB it is sadly short. She is very pretty and a good actress, not sure why she wasn’t more popular.

  • Cristiona:

    Well, yeah, this was certainly a movie.

    I think I can see why critics back then complained about the wildly whipsawing tone.

    Also, Hogan may be a lunkhead, but you wouldn’t have to pay me much at all to make out with 1989 Hulk Hogan. 2013 Hulk Hogan, on the other hand…

  • mogens:

    james rolfe roles:
    the aneversiry browl:the nerd
    kicasia:board james (cameo)
    suburbian knight.voice a cloving ball
    too bolty flyit:a random stormtropper

  • bastardjackyll:

    Remember how STACKED that summer was? Indy and the Last Crusade, Lethal Weapon 2, Batman, Licence to Kill, UHF, ridiculous.

  • mogens:

    the world need more hogan movies

  • mogens:

    my favorite the rock movie is the scorpion king and the tyni role he had in the mummy returns

  • mogens:

    naa i still liken his apirance anyway i also like him in doom when i played the sarge

  • ThatIsAnAndroid:

    Weird that Vince produced this film to make Hogan a film star they same year They Live came out that Vince didn’t want Roddy Piper to do even though it was the best thing done by a wrestler until the Rock came along.

    • Cecil:

      I think it was more about control. He didn’t want Piper to do They Live since he didn’t have his hands in it.

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