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Netflix Instant Recommendations May 27 2016

One Response to “Netflix Instant Recommendations May 27 2016”

  • Shake&Bake:

    Your net flix reccomaditions are my favorite , me and my wife are very busy and only have time to watch one or maybe two movies togather a week , it’s hard to weed out all the garbage on net flix with our schedule and your recomidactions are great , Turbo Kid , and Kristy are two that come to mind but most other we have liked even that one about the spare tire killing everyone ! Lol never would have even Givin it a chance if it weren’t for you. Well anyway one problem though several times including this weeks movie the grave (horror my wife’s favorite genre ) the movie u reccomend is actually not on our net flix ?! Wth any reason for this u can see why do we have a different service level or maybe because we live in California , just letting u know if you are aware of this .
    Yours Truly, Shake

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