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Exploring Event Horizon Episode 197

13 Responses to “Exploring Event Horizon Episode 197”

  • Jason A:

    I moved from California to Nebraska for a job in 1995. When this movie came out, I was still there (though not for too much longer.)

    So, here’s the scene: I’m returning to my apartment after seeing this film. I had gone with a co-worker after we had gotten off of work, so it’s really late at night. Going from the theater in Sioux City, Iowa to my place in South Sioux City, Nebraska, there’s not a lot to look at. Very little traffic. I proceed to set my cruise control and head down the road. I just left a film about a ship that traveled to Hell, killed it’s crew, then returned and began to kill more, and my car begins to pick up speed. I didn’t touch the controls for the cruise, it’s never done this before, and now I am freaking right the hell out. And this was no minor adjustment, either. It had gained a good 20 MPH for zero reasons I could figure other than it had gained inspiration from the Event Horizon. When I turned the cruise control off, the car began to slow, almost reluctantly, as if I was denying it the chance to pull me into a dimension of evil. I owned that car for about another 10 years, and it never did anything like that again.

    This was a really well-done movie. The effects were awesome, the performances were great, and I actually own this movie on DVD. I have NEVER broken the plastic, as this film gives me nightmares. Every. Time. I’ve watched plenty of “scary movies”, and none has ever screwed with my head like this one did, especially after it went in cahoots with my car on a lonely stretch of Iowa road in the middle of the night.

  • MD84:

    Sick movie and that’s the why I liked it

    Also Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of South Park) claimed the blood orgy scene in this movie
    inspired the blood orgy in the classic South Park episode “Woodland Critter Christmas”.

  • mogens:

    handetoon does a review of some Paul w s anderson filmss you should totally watc it cecil

  • PES:

    Such a good movie, and the potential to be a truly epic one if not for studio interference.

  • Irishguy:

    Love this movie , what a shame about the lost footage..but who knows could still turn up.
    Also a few seconds of Event Horizon where used in a Star Trek Voyager esp ”Random Thoughts”
    the esp only aired like 3 months after the movie came out.
    I wonder if that means editors on ST VOY had access to the uncut version of the movie ?

  • Melissa:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for this film. It’s intense atmosphere, likable characters and awesome effects always drew me in. The character of Starck in particular I’ve always considered my 2nd favorite horror movie final girl (My 1st fav is Jeryline from Demon Knight)
    I find it funny that this outer space horror movie has more in common with Hellraiser, even though it was Supernova that was orignally conceived as “Hellraiser in outer space.”
    Of course, there actually is a movie about Hellraiser in space, but that one sucked (If you liked HR: Bloodline, that’s fine. I personally thought it was stupid, though).
    Speaking of Supernova, do you plan on doing that one anytime soon?

    • Cecil:

      I saw Hellraiser Bloodline in the theater. When the director came up as Alan Smithee I knew we were in trouble.

      I have Supernova, not sure when I’ll get to it. The story behind that one is great. The original director left/was fired, they brought in a new guy who changed things. So much drama.

  • Jr.:

    One of my favorite horror movies of all time. I just love the “came back wrong” story mixed with the science fiction. The small bits of the hell dimension leave just enough for your imagination to wander about what its really like on the other side. Ive always wondered, however, why the Event Horizon came back to our dimension. Did it want more victims? Thats my theory.

    I watched this movie wayyyyy too young and was very much traumatized by it. However, I couldnt get it out of my head, and so watching it again as an adult, I instantly loved it. There need to be more movies with demonic or Lovecraftian monstrosities and there need to be more videos like yours! Thanks again!

  • mogens:

    1.WAY better than the nostalgia critic review Cecil you really like the resident evil movies if so witch one is you favorite?

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