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Shredder – Episode 76

Snowboarders off my mountain!


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9 Responses to “Shredder – Episode 76”

  • Cristiona:

    Heh. Random accident killing a cast member is pretty amusing, as is having her just dangling there for the movie.

    I’m not sure how Pike survived either (little to big to be just a continuity error), but I’m not going to complain. She was a real cutie, and it looked like she had a great attitude. Kind of the horror movie watcher’s perspective; snarky without being a total bitch, unlike Kim. So, even though it makes no damn sense, I’m glad she survived. Usually the awesome femme either isn’t present (because there’s only room for The Slut and The Virgin), or gets killed pretty early on.

    Completely unrelated to anything, the Juicy Fruit music was a nice touch. As a little girl, those commercials always made me think that if you had the gum, you were suddenly forced to going water skiing or hang gliding or whatever. And since I was afraid to do those things, I was scared of the gum. I think I was in high school before I finally had a piece.

    • Cecil:

      In the context of the film the guys (with the exception of Cole) acted like Pike was a dud. In reality, she would have a line of guys chasing after her. While Kim was indeed very attractive, she was not worth dealing with her nonsense. Robyn seemed like a really cool chick but you’d spend 90% of your time making sure she wasn’t off molesting someone else. (although, it would probably be an awesome week or two relationship) Pike was very pretty, and was most likely the girl that would be a blast to hang out with that also happened to be really hot but not conceited about it. A winning combo.

      I think we were supposed to get the idea that Pike was just knocked out but that wound looked pretty nasty. As much as I enjoy the movie, they really could have handled that whole thing better. It would have been less of a WTF moment.

      LOL fear of Juicy Fruit. It’s amazing how our young minds would process things. After watching hours and hours of Creature Double Feature as a kid, I was convinced that if any animal was to bite me I would become a “were” whatever. (wererabbit, weredog, etc)

  • Allison:

    Hey Cecil! I posted a comment or two on your Masters of the Universe video on Agony Booth (I made mention of the clip from Cool as Ice in your opening credits!). I loved watching this review. I worked at a video store from 2003 until 2005, a great mom and pop store that is sadly going under, and we had this movie on our shelves. I don’t think anyone actually rented it, which us a shame, because it seems to be good for a laugh. I also love the use of Chuck Mangione’s Feels So Good – Epic Win! That song is the kind of music I would dance in an elevator to. Because I’m an embarrassing individual.

    Great stuff, hope to see more!

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! Glad you checked out the site. 🙂

      The movie is a total blast. While it may be far too silly for some folks, if you enjoy a good slasher with it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek then you won’t be disappointed. I’m surprised the movie isn’t at least a little better known. I’ve run into more people who know about another similar movie called “Iced” and that one never made it past VHS!

      Glad you liked the Chuck Mangione. That track always makes me smile. It’s such a mellow tune and I had it as my ringtone for a number of years. So don’t feel bad. ^^

      Thanks again! Lots more to come.

      • Allison:

        That’s an epic ringtone! I had Quantum Leap for several years, and I always used to say “Open the door Ziggy!” to myself when the phone rang. My phone by all rights should have been multi colored blocks.

        I have never heard of “Iced” before, but probably because we never had that video, and we had everything!

  • Cristiona:

    Heh. And Phelous does yet another movie you’ve done. It’s always interesting to compare the two of you since you both approach from opposite places.

  • MH:

    You missed something big in the film–I think it was a comedy. When I first watched it, I laughed at certain things, and then I kept noticing that the humor was intentional. Later I showed it to someone because of this. I have never laughed more with a horror film, in fact, more than with many comedies. The things at which I was laughing were not goofs, but intentional, like slapstick humor (I think context intensifies things–an example: I found an accident scene with blood in a romantic drama more horrifying than I would, perhaps, if it had been a horror film–so maybe horror context made the humor more funny). I started noticing the humor more towards the end of the second act, I think. A couple of examples: Pike tripping during a chase sequence (been awhile since I have seen it) and Skyler’s dialogue while “filming” the killer before he gets killed.

    • Cecil:

      Oh it totally had more than a few parts played for laughs. I think they were trying to strike a middle ground and not go totally silly or totally scary.

  • Jr.:

    Ah I really do miss Max X.

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