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Cobra Episode 192

10 Responses to “Cobra Episode 192”

  • Jeffrey:

    Oh boy Marion Cobretti. That has got to be the worst character name ever conceived for film I can remember seeing this turkey on cable. Brigitte Nielsen is hard to believe as a super model. I just don’t think she’s very pretty, then or now. I’d say the thing that bugs me most about this movie is the sound quality. I don’t know why but its hard to pick up the vocals so I have to crank the tv just to hear the dialogue but then an action sequence happens and there’s a lot gun fire, screeching tires, yelling, and explosions. It doesn’t help that Stallone never speaks above half grunts and whispers.

    • Cecil:

      Funny thing is Brigitte Nielson quit her job as a model to be an actress. She was considered hot back then. I thought she was attractive in Red Sonja but not much else. She was a little too…rough.

  • mogens:

    1.what no Cobra commander jokes?
    2.does this mean you will review stop or my mom will shoot?

  • Melissa:

    So wait, what happened to Stalk? Was she arrested? Did Cobra kill her? You don’t mention her after she murders the security guard.

  • Keith:

    It broke my heart to see that beautiful 1950 Mercury Monterey get wrecked…along with Brigitte Nielsen’s “acting” career a couple years later. I’ve always had trouble understanding Stallone’s derpy line delivery in every movie he’s ever been in…I understand he was born with partial face paralysis, but maybe he should have chosen a different profession? I actually have to watch First Blood with subtitles to get what he’s saying at the end of the movie.

    Just curious about something, and I know you probably get slammed with a ton of requests every day, have you seen the 1988 flick American Gothic? If not, you should give it a watch…Rod Steiger, Yvonne De Carlo, & Michael Pollard…it’s such an odd movie, I think you’d dig it.

    Great work as always Cecil. Looking forward to the next one.

    • Cecil:

      Don’t worry, the car was actually Stallone’s. The ones they wrecked were just fiberglass body models with crap car chassis underneath.

      Well one would argue that he overcame his disability and became a very known and respected person in the industry. I may not be keen on his ego but I highly respect the work he’s done.

      Saw American Gothic a long time ago. I liked it I just don’t remember much besides the MR son raping the corpse of the girl he just killed. That kind of thing stays with you.

  • MH:

    You skipped the funniest part of the movie–the cheese scene in the hospital.
    The stuff about food is amusing (such as telling his partner to change his diet to fish and rice) because it goes against the tone of the film.
    As for cutting of the pizza scene… it makes sense. Seeing how health-conscious Stallone was, I think that is how he would eat a pizza.

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