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Ninja III The Domination – Episode 35

Only a ninja can destroy a ninja.

6 Responses to “Ninja III The Domination – Episode 35”

  • Markus:

    Awesome review !!

    Had to laugh out really really loud @ the V8 comment, i actually drank it not long ago… I think it’s not THAT bad –
    I’d hit it 😉

    Have to see the movie now though!

    • Cecil:


      Shout factory just put it out on Blu and it looks fantastic. They really cleaned up the image and you can see so much more detail.

  • Alex:

    The cops should have pulled a saints row and gotten a tank to attack one guy.

    • Cecil:

      Super undead ninja would just slice the tank in half. Although Tank vs Ninja Saint’s Row style would be wonderful to see.

  • Jimaur:

    Cecil, please tell me that the Blu Ray has commentary from Sam Firstenburg and/ or Lucinda Dickey.

    • Cecil:

      The commentary has Firstenburg and the lead stunt coordinator. Its movies like this that I want to revisit now that I know more about them and my techniques have greatly improved.

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