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Night of the Comet – Episode 109

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14 Responses to “Night of the Comet – Episode 109”

  • Cristiona:

    No ad? Lucky me!

    I’d be pissed about having my score screwed with. Tempest’s a tough game!

    This movie look pretty damn awesome, actually. It looks like it has a great mix of scary scenes and funny ones. And while they couldn’t keep people out of every scene, they did a pretty good job. Aside from the window washers, I probably wouldn’t have noticed any of them without your arrows.

    Also, the amount of info you fit in this episode in only 12 minutes was astounding. It felt like a 20 minute video, so that’s some great pacing, Cecil!

    • Cecil:

      I used to play Tempest all the time at the arcade. That and Paperboy. Why aren’t they on Xbox Live Arcade?!

      I’ve seen the movie many times and never noticed the people in the background. It wasn’t until I watched it on my Kindle Fire when I my eyes wandered and I noticed. So, they did a great job…even greater when you realize they didn’t close down any streets.

      I was lucky to dig up a lot of info on this one. I’m sure there is plenty more that maybe will be on a collector’s edition DVD someday.

  • MH:

    You missed adding that is was one of the first “PG-13” films. I think it was the first one I saw advertised on tv with that rating. I remember the father of a friend announcing or talking about planning or wanting to see it. That was sort of a surprise since usually us kids were the ones who were about seeing a movie. I later watched this when I was in my graduate studies and was sort of surprised at the low level of content–usually early “PG-13” featured things that they don’t allow now in “PG-13” films (“King David” was an example, as well as “Dune”, I think, with the severed head). I find it interesting that “Malcolm X” got a “PG-13” where a man was shot in the leg and blood exploded, but 18 years later “Mission: Impossible 2” had to cut a gunshot to the leg to lose its “R-rating”. I think I have seen “PG-13” films feature bloodless shooting, and others earlier, that have bloody shootings, meaning that the sheer fact that someone is shot gets a “PG-13” now–I am not complaining; I find this sort of thing interesting.
    Now what I would like to know is–what movie are you doing next, but I know you probably won’t say. I look forward to these videos.

    • Cecil:

      I have a whole PG-13 thing I’ll be doing at some time so I figured I would just focus on the movie and talk about that then. (here is a brief example) It’s funny how PG-13 has changed over the years. It used to be when there was material too graphic for PG so they bumped it up to PG-13. Now they are going backwards. They are watering down R rated movies to get that magical PG-13 demo.

      Even sillier is the shift in how movies have been rated the past few years. The original Anaconda was pretty bloody and violent and was PG-13. The sequel was R but they watered it down to PG-13 and in doing so they removed all the kills so they happened offscreen. Now they had a movie with giant snakes eating people but you never saw the snakes kill anyone. It was just someone yelling, a brief snipped of a snake and then a bunch of people running away.

      As far as what I’m doing next…well…check the site tomorrow for the hint. 🙂

      • Cristiona:

        What’s really weird is how much they used to allow in PG movies. Logan’s Run had nudity in it, for example. Surprised the hell out of me.

  • Forget the difficulties of maintaining an erection while talking about Superman, I imagine it’d be next to impossible to get it up after you’re hit with the realization that everyone you ever knew and loved is dead. Then again this end of the world still has electricity, cars, running water and cooked meat while all stupid people have been vaporized and make for easy clean up, so this is a pretty ideal apocalypse all things considered.

    Though if steel shielding is our salvation, then I’m moving to Gary, Indiana.

    • Cecil:

      In something like a zombie movie, they have to burn the bodies. Here, they just need some brooms for outside and vacuums for inside.

  • Chris:

    Is “Hocus Pocus” on your list to review?

    • Cecil:

      Yes but I’m looking to do that next year. I did just get an influx of like 10 requests for it in the past week. Makes me pretty happy, Hocus Pocus kicks ass.

  • Hi Cecil!

    Fantastic review, the facts gave it the feel of a much longer video, with the pacing of a much shorter one. Good work, old bean.

    I am definitely going to see this movie, I found it on Netflix!

  • john:

    At 3:08 It’s the rapture.

    “This guy” might be the Slender Man. 😉

    Given the prevalence of zombies in the mass media with films, TV series and games and Hollywood remaking 80’s films I’m surprised they haven’t tried to remake this film.
    Perhaps they thought the basic setup was to similar to Zombieland.

  • i’ loved this movie as a kid

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