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Archive for June 2011

Technical Difficulties Update

Due to an overly busy schedule this week’s episode will be delayed a few days. It should be ready either Tuesday or Weds. Check back then!

EDIT: Howdy folks, sorry for the delay this week. I ended up being way busier than I initially intended. Anyhoo, this past sunday’s episode is moved to this coming sunday. I think it’s a good one so it should be worth the wait. Thanks for being awesome!

The Crites have invaded my desk

Now I just have to keep them from eating everything.

Deep Blue Sea – Episode 58

You ate my bird.

Duke Nukem Forever…Finally

I can’t believe after 14 years it is actually here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to be parked in front of my 360 for the next few hours.

Stay Alive – Episode 57

Girl has got body karate going on.