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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Live Riff – Best of

This is a compilation of the best clips from my Christmas Live Riff of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

10 Responses to “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Live Riff – Best of”

  • Quote a few laugh out loud moments Cecil, well done. Any plans to make the full stream available for those who missed the live event?

    I don’t know if you discussed this before the movie started, but this is an interesting pick. Do you feel SCCTM is an actual good bad flick or is live riffing just easier with something irredeemably bad?

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! Honestly, the full riff isn’t worth it. It was great if you were there live because I was interacting with the audience but when I recorded it, it didn’t capture the chat box. So there are a lot of times when I’m answering a question in chat and you wouldn’t know what the question was if you were just watching this archive. Also, there was a lot of dead air. It was fun and I do plan on doing more but I think I’m going to just tuck this one away.

      Nah, SCCtM is a bad movie. Not Miss March bad but bad in its own way. It’s fun to goof on but not something I would watch and enjoy. All the movies I plan on Liveriffing are movies I would most likely never do as an episode of Good Bad Flicks. Mostly really low budget public domain movies.

      • demonknight:

        Next time, you should try to get Jowski or Mike for the next one, especially with the dead air. No Hadley though. I like him, but he doesn’t need this too. I hear too much of him.

  • mogens:

    does this mean you will review it as well the 1956 santa claus movie?

  • Please make the whole riff available, this was hilarious!

    OMG, that song is like stepping into the seventh circle of Hell – it’s so…bad. It’s actually depressing, and for a Christmas song, that just should not be possible!!!

    Thanks for making me feel like I’m watching MST3K and Rifftrax, it was awesome!!!!

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! As I said below, its really not worth the whole thing. Too much dead air and me answering questions that are in a chat you can’t see.

      Don’t worry though, I’m planning a few for Feb. I’m doing a live nude geeks riff in early Feb and then another GBF one towards the end of the month.

  • Tony:

    Were you slightly drunk when making this? Seems to be a lot more humorous then normal

  • This one is also a good example of why MST3K has such a strong fan base despite being cancelled over 20 years ago: You can re-visit certain episodes again and again and continue to unearth the meanings behind the more obscure riffs as you grow in knowledge.

    • Cecil:

      I’m so happy MST3K lives on in Rifftrax. MST has been a major influence on me. I still go back and watch various ones from time to time and pick up new things.

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