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WTF Happened to Movie Remakes?

8 Responses to “WTF Happened to Movie Remakes?”

  • Rob:

    Please tell me you are an O&A/J fan throwing references once in awhile, I thought I heard a few in the past but I might be wrong or retarded. I’ve watched all ur vids and love them except for the ones blip has lost….. Ted Sheckler wrote that script?

    • Cecil:

      Indeed! Been a fan of O&A and lil Jimmy since 2000. Although I dropped Sirius when they fired Ant and signed up for the TACS network. The shows were hit or miss for the year but were always entertaining. Now that he’s in NY the show is hitting its stride.

      I’ve put O&A references in a bunch of videos. Even a few Patrice ones. (RIP one of the funniest people to ever walk the earth)

      Oh, I’ve used the ghost from the Ted the Ghosthunter bit in a bunch of videos too.

  • Scott:

    Another fantastic incisive well-crafted video! I don’t praise you nearly enough and feel increasingly guilty for not putting money in your pocket. BTW: “Who Goes There?” was written by John W. Campbell under the pen name, Don Stuart. Juuuuust sayin’.

    • Cecil:


      Its cool, I know money is tight these days. If you ever do throw me a few bucks, I’d appreciate it. Still hoping for the next viral hit so I can get some new hard drives and pick up more blurays.

      I knew about the pen name thing but the image I had said Don Stuart. If I didn’t clarify I’d have a bunch of people going “but it says Don Stuart!”

  • bastardjackyll:

    Hey, ANOTHER bump from the AV Club, your FOURTH in less than a year, nice!

  • Melissa:

    Yeah, the amount of remakes, reboots and re-adaptions coming out is quite insane. It makes me understand why movies like Priest or I Am Number Four aren’t getting sequels, cause according the studios “we want remakes!”.

    Thank you for reminding me of the Invasion Tv Series. I loved that show when it was on and was pissed that it never got a Second Season (I was also pissed at the treatment Aisha Hinds character received on the show, but that a rant for another day) because it was so good. It seemed less of a remake and more of something just inspired by the idea instead, because it does so much different that I think the only thing really connecting it the other Invasion things was it’s title, premise and the fact that it had Veronica Cartwright. Seriously, is she contractually obligated to appear in every remake based off the property?

    One film I’d love to seen be remade would be “Prince of Darkness”. The original has so much untapped material, a great premise and loads of stuff that could be updated, that there is no doubt in my mind that with a good cast, input from Carpenter and enough love and care put into it, a remake of “Prince of Darkness” could be a smash hit!

  • Egil:

    Nice video I am weary exited to see your next WTF happened to video but can you tell me why the other two WTF happened to videos have bin removed ?

    • Cecil:

      That was weird. I had updated the posts to reflect the link on YT instead of Blip but then I see that many are still the old links. I’ve gone back and fixed them so they should all be ok now.

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