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Metamorphosis – Episode 241

4 Responses to “Metamorphosis – Episode 241”

  • Joe Walker:

    Me and my girl love all your videos the fact that you did “the “Stuff” and “Robot Jox” makes us giggle with nerd pride I’ll comment on this video in a bit but I have one that I’m surprised you haven’t done yet “Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge” good luck with the rest of the reviews and I would like to see more like you did with the Peter Weller classic “Screamers”all the cool stuff you showed alongside the video

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! Phantom of the Mall! Oh wow, forgot about that one.

      Once I get my props and stuff better organized I’ll put together something to show them off.

  • dutchblack:

    The child version of myself was really hoping this was a Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor review. A classic movie none the less, if not just for the cover art.

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