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Double Dragon – Episode 91

Ug Lee? Home Lee?

34 Responses to “Double Dragon – Episode 91”

  • Cristiona:

    Wasn’t the back story to Double Dragon basically “bad guys kidnapped your girlfriend, go get her back”? Seems you could have made a perfectly fine movie with just that. Make it a nice Death Wise-esque revenge movie. Someone needs to get the rights to Bad Dudes and make this.

    Is Abobo there the dude from Road Warrior? Certainly looks like him.

    And, stupid as some of the gang outfits were, the idea of themed gangs amused me.

    • Cecil:

      I guess they wanted to go with a more “fantastic” concept instead of a kidnap/revenge film. Since at the time video games were still thought of as “for kids” (which some people still think) I’m assuming they went in this direction to make the film more family friendly.

      Good God, I would love a tongue in cheek Bad Dudes movie. I’m thinking the tone of The Expendables with a healthy dose of camp. What an awesome movie that would be.

      Not the same guy from the Road Warrior. Actually, Abobo was 2 guys. One before the transformation and another after. Both were stuntmen actors.

      The themed gangs were amusing, I think they were channeling The Warriors.

      • Cristiona:

        Yes, Expendables style would rule for Bad Dudes. Especially if they set it in the 80’s. Man… I wasted so many quarters playing that game…

        Weird about Abobo, then. When he first showed up on the screen, he really looked like Vernon Wells as Wez.

        • Cecil:

          I miss the pure action film, we just don’t get those much anymore. I was worried for a bit that stupid Chuck Norris was going to ruin the Expendables 2 but thankfully the rest of the cast fought back and the film is back to being rated R.

          Nope, not Vernon Wells but I can see a quick resemblance. I met him a few years ago and he was super cool. Had a nice chat talking about how he is two of the best villains of all time.

  • Will:

    Ah, Robert Patrick. One of my favorite actors ever. I love how he went in two entirely different directions with his newfound T2 fame. He made the dramatic and powerful, yet subtle, Fire in the Sky and then did this!

    Ironically, Patrick and David Duchovny are two of my favorite actors so when Patrick went on the X-Files, I was VERY pleased and I defend Season 8 of the X-Files as the second best season of the entire show’s run. The guy is great.

    As for THIS movie. . .errrr. . .no comment. 😉

    • Cecil:

      Agreed! He is underrated. I think this was to show a bit of his fun side. I thought he was great in the X-Files. I also dig Duchovny and I’m glad he is having a career resurgence with Californication.

      Fun stuff about Robert Patrick…his brother is Richard Patrick the lead singer of Filter. Not sure if he still lives there but I know he used to live next door to Jay Mohr and the two of them were pretty good friends. Every interview I’ve ever seen of the guy makes him seem like a genuinely cool guy. Very down to earth and the kind of fellow who you could sit down, have a drink, and talk about anything. (unlike some hollywood folks that are complete asses when you turn the camera off)

      Awww…c’mon, this movie is classic! 😛

      • Will:

        Good X-Files/Patrick knowledge. Further, to add to your trivia, Filter was (and is) massive X-Files fans and a favorite of Chris Carter, the show’s creator. Filter is featured not only in the show but was featured in the feature film and on the original television soundtrack! So the hiring of Robert must have made Richard quite ecstatic!

        And Californication was a comedy masterwork in it’s first season. The rest of the show is hit and miss to me but I can watch the pilot for that show all day. Duchovny has kind of become an indie-movie guy now. Ever seen The TV Set or Trust the Man?

        • Cecil:

          I know I would have been happy to have anything of mine included with the X-files. That was and still is one of my all time favorite TV shows.

          Californication season 1 was outstanding. While I agree the following seasons weren’t as good they were still highly entertaining. It was just that they knocked the ball so far out of the park on season 1 it was hard to recapture that. Season 2 floundered a bit when he got back together with his wife.

          I’ve seen many of his indies, as well as his “I’m not Fox Mulder” movies like Playing God. Although I haven’t seen either of the ones you mentioned. I’ll Netflix them.

    • Allison:

      Robert Patrick looks like Vanilla Ice’s evil twin in this movie.

      I remember being surprised that he was in the Stargate Atlantis pilot, only to be killed towards the end of the episode by a Wraith. That scene gave me the willies worse than his scary walk in Terminator 2. Of course, he also parodied himself in one of my favorite movies, Wayne’s World, playing T-1000.

      • Cecil:

        He does have that Vanilla Ice hair. Well, it was the 90s after all, I don’t think anyone had “good” hair.

        I loved that bit in Wayne’s World. Well, I just loved Wayne’s World. Still a funny as hell movie.

        If I remember correctly, Robert Patrick broke his pelvis or something when he was younger, which gave him that very distinctive walk/run.

        • Will:

          I think he also looks a bit like Jim Rome. . .

        • Allison:

          Damn, really? I just thought he was the master of the awesome walk! Wayne’s World was just so much fun, I’m glad it’s not a movie people can review on bad movie websites!

          • Cecil:

            I don’t think anyone could really effectively make fun of Wayne’s World. It is self aware and makes fun of itself, which in turn is what makes it so funny.

  • Toby:

    Fun fact: Mark Dacascos is now the chairman on Iron Chef America

    • Cecil:

      I love Mark Dacascos, he is the best. My wife and I quote his Iron Chef “frozen peas” line all the time. He really should be a much bigger star than he is. He’s got badass skills, is handsome, and is a good actor. Drive is one of the best action movies EVER. (the one from the 90s)

  • Allison:

    Oh goodness, Double Dragon. This movie was aimed directly at my age group (I turned 12 in 1994), and I don’t even think I would have watched it, despite the fact that I played the game as a kid. I love how mismatched Jimmy and “Bimmy” are, why should I have to believe they are brothers? Mark Decascos is awesome, I have made my mom laugh with the “Frozen PEAS!” quote often. I saw him on an episode of Stargate Atlantis, playing Tyre, an old friend of Jason Momoa’s character, Ronan Dex. I’m a nerd, I admit it openly. As for Scott Wolf, I had a fangirl crush on him in the mid-1990s, but that would never have convinced me to see this. And those outfits? They are as fabulous as Shep Ramsey’s gear in Suburban Commando.

    I gotta say one more geeky thing, this time regarding Vernon Wells. Commando is one of my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger films, if not my favorite (it was also my first Arnold movie, and I was about 6 or 7 when I saw it in 1989, I know several years after it was released). He was also in two episodes of MacGyver – as a corrupt casino owner in one of my favorite eps, The Heist (which is horribly cheesy but keeps me riveted!), and as a baddie in The Odd Triple.

    I’ve only seen this movie through your review and the Nostalgia Critic’s treatment of it, both are hilarious! Great stuff, Cecil! I always look forward to your videos, so I was very sad last week when there was nothing new. This was a great way to return! 🙂

    • Cecil:

      Yeah, Mark and Scott are supposed to be actual brothers. When I was younger I didn’t even think about it but when I got older I was like “I know they had the same father but did they at least have different mothers?”.

      I think the outfits wouldn’t have been so bad until they decided to cover them with studs. Sooooo silly looking.

      I met Vernon Wells a few years ago. What a great guy. Incredibly friendly and super nice for a guy who usually plays bad guys. Had a nice little chat with him about Commando. Then I got a picture of him fake strangling me. His hands were the size of catchers mitts.

      I think every girl in the 90s had a crush on Scott Wolf. I never really got into Party of Five but I was a big fan of Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde.


  • Jeremy Patterson:

    When will you review the 2010 Tekken movie?

    • Cecil:

      Probably not for a while. I have to go back and watch it again.

      Besides, I have a bunch of other video game movies I want to cover first.

  • Quippy:

    Mark Dacascos has an ongoing guest role on Hawaii Five-0. He plays a fantastic villain! He definitely deserves more credit.

    Frozen peas! 🙂

    • Cecil:

      It’s so weird thinking of him as a villain since every movie I can think of he plays a good guy. Oh well, good for him for branching out!

  • Quippy:

    It is a bit strange; I find myself saying, “Frozen peas!” a lot more often when watching him on H5-0. It’s worth it, though, because he does an excellent job in the role. Saying Iron Chef quotes and “You’re just what I imagined – a buttface,” remind me that he is actually a nice guy.

  • Stampy:

    Mark Dacascos starred in a favorite live action manga of mine – Crying Freeman

  • bastardjackyll:

    LOL @ “stretching the source material” and the yelling montage. I caught DOA on HBO one late night, I had zero expectations (hell, I didnt even know that the movie existed), and I LOVED it! Great fight scenes and way more fun than it had any business being. I dont know much about the story, but it seemed like they got the tone of the game (and the characters) down perfectly. Double Dragon…well, at least they had Mark Dascasos.

    What did you think about Cradle 2 the Grave? Mark vs. Jet Li?

    • Cecil:


      DOA is great. I plan on doing an episode on it sometime soon. The fight scenes were great and Devon Aoki is incredibly hot. Actually…all the girls were hot which was kind of the idea. The only one I was iffy on was Jaime Pressly and not that she wasn’t pretty but she was too small to play Tina. Tina was supposed to be an almost 6 foot wrestler girl. They should have just culled someone from the WWE like Torrie Wilson.

      As for the story, well, DOA is pretty much like a bunch of fighting games. The story takes a backseat to the action. The game was get to location and fight. I love that they also threw in Volleyball. I spent an obscene amount of time playing DOAX Volleyball for the Xbox.

      Cradle 2 the Grave was quite good, it was another movie that showed off how badass Dacascos is. I would have rather it been Jet Li and Mark instead of Li and DMX. I thought DMX was pretty terrible.

      • Will:

        Is DOA the movie where the one chick throws her bra up in the air, drop kicks a dude, drops her towel, punches someone else, and then the bra lands on her. . .um. . .area. . .and it fits? Or is this some crazy dream I had which reveals too much of my psyche to make me acceptable in public?

        • Cecil:

          That’s the one. The movie is a pretty close depiction of the games. It is meant to be as ridiculous as possible. Hell, DOAX is all the girls that previously were trying to kill one another getting together on an island to play volleyball while prancing around in the smallest bathing suits they could find. I played the game for 200+ hours.

  • Gary:

    I have found memories of watching Double Dragon. For some reason I remember seeing it when I was 6 on HBO or some movie channel and then switching to USA and watching Duckman for the first time.

    Also, Hawk is Gary from the Weird Science TV series! Which, in my opinion was infinitely better than the movie, even though I love both.

    This movie is dumb fun for sure. I though the sets were imaginative and Patrick played a great villain. I’d make a comment about Alyssa Milano’s ass getting a co-starring role, but I’m pretty sure the movie actually credit’s it somewhere.

  • mogens:

    1.7:11 michael barryman?
    2.still a better review than the nostalgia critic

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