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Night of the Creeps – Episode 48

Thrill me.

12 Responses to “Night of the Creeps – Episode 48”

  • Will:

    Love Tom Atkins. . .he was excellent in Halloween III: Season of the Witch, despite that movie’s many flaws. He makes the ending stand out for sure. And as a massive Lethal Weapon franchise fanatic, he had a great, but short, role that really fleshes Rog Murtaugh out.

    Tom Atkins was in an early episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent (one of the greatest shows ever) as a secretive secret service agent who had an affair with a senator’s wife. Classic episode. . .it’s called ‘Cold Comfort’ and is a truly classic in that series. Atkins isn’t in it much but he delivers. . .as he always does.

    I also get this movie confused with Night of the Comet. . .for some reason.

    • Cecil:

      Atkins is such a solid actor. He delivers a great performance is just about everything but he excels when playing a cop.

      Halloween 3 would be held in a higher regard amongst horror fans if it wasn’t called Halloween 3. Talk about confusing your audience. If the movie was Season of the Witch it wouldn’t be so looked down upon. I still can’t believe people have more of a problem with this and less of a problem with Halloween 8.

      I guess the “Night of the” is too close. Just so long as you don’t mix it up with Night of the Lepus.

  • Will:

    Haha. . .yes. . .Halloween 3 was a good IDEA and a cool concept for a yearly film anthology series but I think its initial failure scared the producers off. And while parts of H3 are very good, namely some of the acting, the ending, etc, the whole StoneHenge thing makes my brain hurt just thinking about it. C’mon! You got to admit that! Haha.

    I also think H3 needed a better director. For a movie with beautiful cinematography (the director’s specialty, I believe. . .Tommy Lee Wallace, right?), the film lacks atmosphere, especially in comparison with Carpenter’s first film and even Rosenthal’s second film.

    As for H8. . .I pretend that turd does not exist. I would be okay with Laurie Strode dying if it was at the end and they killed Mike Myers FOR GOOD. But money is always more important then plot, right?


    • Cecil:

      I think they should have just spun the series off and called it something different. By keeping the Halloween name it just messed with the franchise. I could see if it was the second one but with it being the 3rd people were expecting Myers.

      Not saying the movie was perfect but I thought it has plenty of goodness that should stand on its own and not be so looked down upon by the horror community.

      Yep, it was Tommy Lee Wallace. It was his first outing but yeah. it could have been better. (it could have been worse too though)

      Ugh, Halloween H20 was such a solid end to the franchise and then H8 just took a big dump on the whole series in the same way Batman and Robin ruined that franchise.

  • I totally agree we need more Fred Dekker films. I never heard anyone else besides me say it so loud and proud.
    He was involved in so many great movies from the 80’s that hold a real special place in my memory.”House” , “Night of the Creeps” & “The Monster Squad” are all huge cult hits.

  • mogens:

    i acseli like all 3 robocop films

  • Jr.:

    Tom Atkins is the man. Whenever he and John Carpenter get together, its always gold. The ending just proves how frustrating making movies can be. It makes me wanna write a horror comedy so i can just get Fred Dekker back into directing again.

  • mogens:


  • mogens:

    i only agree on date movie and disaster movie

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