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The Time Guardian – Episode 157

26 Responses to “The Time Guardian – Episode 157”

  • Jr.:

    He reaches in and grabs a Time Gun? That is one of the best things I’ve ever heard. Is he a Chrono Legionnaire from Red Alert 2? Do I really have to reference Red Alert 2 again?

    Cool flick, but Im slowly starting to discover Carrie Fisher’s poor movie choices, such as Drop Dead Fred.

    A time traveling city sounds like a great premise for a future Bioshock game, does it not? Great review!

  • MGNoxa:

    Another great episode. I bet the robot/cyborg would of looked really badass if they didn’t have to spend money on the added action scenes.

    • Cecil:


      Indeed. They could have focused on making just 1 look great instead of having to crank out multiple costumes they didn’t intend on.

  • Cristiona:

    My, but that’s an awesome poster.

    Huh. The future stuff is like Blood Dragon: the Movie.

    Yeah, Dean looked like ever scene started with him calling to make sure the check cleared. Pity, because he’s awesome.

  • Dar:

    Well, they gave us two classic “Mad Max” films, so Australians must be forgiven.

    • Cecil:

      There is actually a ton of great ozploitation out there. Check out a doc called “Not quite Hollywood” if you can find it.

  • Tristan:

    Nice review as always, love the show. Oh and I got a suggestions if you want one! 🙂

  • mogens:

    ljn makes shity games based on movies and uwe boll makes shity movies based on video games

  • thank Cecil,can you also visit my website and email me what you think?you,avgn,boogie and n critic inspired me.

  • Stampy:

    OMFG! This was filmed in my home state and i remember going to the set on the wharf in Port Adelaide as a kid. Somewhere in my parents house their should be a Polaroid photo of me with Tom Burlinson. I remember the robots walking around, having a break out in the fresh air. West End Beer sign – check (a South Australian brewer) and AMPOL is long gone.
    Wilpena (Will-Pee-Nah) Pound is the name of the outback area it was filmed (Flinders Ranges, same general area as Wolf Creek was filmed).

    I reckon it was a good film – and South Aussies still say I reckon.

    • Cecil:

      I had a feeling this was the same area as Wolf Creek but couldn’t find anything saying so directly, so I didn’t want to mention it and be wrong.

      Awesome! It’s always cool to actually be on/near the set while filming.

  • demonknight:

    Heya. Cecil, I think you and everyone who posts here should be involved in this. I recently (last night) started a petition for Lionsgate to get off their asses and start releasing some damn horror flicks on BD. In this petition, a first wave is requested consisting of The Wraith, DeepStar Six, The Gate, Leprechaun, Chopping Mall, Alligator, Waxwork, ROTLD 3, and Sundown to be distributed in Special Editions. Please sign to make this a reality. If you like this show, you should sign it.
    Here is the link:

  • Steve3 in 3D:

    I saw Carrie Fisher, and I was all, “Why isn’t Cecil talking about Carrie Fisher?!?! IT’S CARRIE FISHER!!” Yeah….by the end I wasn’t saying that anymore…

  • ThoughtCriminal:

    Anytime I see a woman wake up in a sci-fi movie wearing just an undershirt and panties I wonder if it’s solely to show off her assets or a homage to Aliens, probably some combination of the two.

    Also, it’s always nice to see Carrie Fisher/Mark Hamill in something not Star Wars related.

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