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Scanners 2 – Episode 252

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  • The Viewer:

    If his parents are the protagonists of the original movie, then either the original was set in the 1960s or this movie is set in the 2000s. 😀 I love it when they don’t care in the slightest about time and age difference in a franchise. Friday the 13th is the worst offender when it comes to that, but what this movie does with that issue (not care about it at all) is bad none the less.

    Anyway, great review. 🙂

    I’ll always remember the Scanners trilogy, mostly because it’s absurd how different the three movies are. Seriously, it’s as if they were trying to go as far as they can to not make a trilogy that, other than the premise, has any similarities between its entries. Like they were making a Scanners TV anthology series or something (not that it couldn’t work with the right concept and approach). And then the sequels just got weirder and weirder. To me, Scanner Cop is more of a Scanners sequel than the actual two Scanners sequels.

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