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Ticks – Episode 142

17 Responses to “Ticks – Episode 142”

  • Awesome intro music! (“The Tick” cartoon, 1994). 😉

  • I really liked this episode, especially the humor in the beginning (underpass in gang territory, crack house, and the flamethrower cutaway). I don’t agree with your take on the Aliens stuff though. Before you mentioned that film I was already thinking how much they ripped it off. If it was just the close look at the wall of pods that would be one thing, but then they had a facehugger scene plus the embryo implantation stuff. I think that goes beyond homage.

    • Cecil:


      I HATE bugs so much so that if they are in my vicinity, they are as good as dead. I have one of those electric flyswatter things that works like a charm. Spiders, however, I will try to capture them and throw them outside. I put them in the whole “the enemy of my enemy” thing.

      In the context of the movie, its not ripoff territory. I trimmed some stuff out to keep the pace. Panic rips one of the ticks out of his body and someone who has dealt with ticks would know, you have to either burn them out or smother them so they back out. If you rip them out they leave the head behind. He was taking the steroids he stole (the blue pills) for pain when he got shot and those mixed with the plant steroids made the tick head evolve into super tick.

  • Jr.:

    Seth Green AND Alfonso Ribeiro??? Must watch this movie IMMEDIATELY.

    It’s extremely depressing to learn that David Gale is no longer with us. RIP David Gale.

  • Cristiona:

    Great review, but… yeah. This is totally a movie I could never watch. Just watching this review gave me the jibblies.

  • john:

    Problem with new mutant bug, spider, etc horror films set by the Syfy channel and Asylum is that they are totally dependent on CGI that is just boring. The SFX for the budget of this film is amazing.

    • Cecil:

      Practical effects, especially on lower budgets, trump CGI. The problem is there is more set up and they can’t churn them out as quickly. Such a bummer it is becoming a lost art.

  • Melissa:

    I have always loved this movie!! Thank you so much for reviewing it!!! I always felt it a shame that Carlton had to die though. He was my favorite character.

    If the they ever make a sequel, it should involve explosions, snowstorms, Bruce Willis, Sanaa Lathan, and a giant “Queen Tick” that has machine guns for pincers.

    • Cecil:


      I’d love a sequel but we are at the point now where they would have an easier time doing a remake over a sequel. Ugh.

  • I agree the creature effects look great for such a cheap production. Though I think the reason they didn’t make a sequel is because they called it “Ticks” rather than “Tick”.

  • mogens:

    does this mean you will check out the tick cartoon?

  • Ugh, bugs! I have a hard enough time with the Replicators on Stargate SG-1 (robotic spiders that make this eerie mechanical meets nails on a chalkboard sound when they scamper), so this was just overkill.

    But seriously, Seth Green and Alfonso Ribiero in the same movie. WIN!

    Honestly, not sure if I could sit through this one without screaming and trying to hit my TV with a flyswatter, but you’re obviously braver than me.

    Great review, as always, the jokes just keep on coming! 🙂

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