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The Host – Episode 161



14 Responses to “The Host – Episode 161”

  • Cristiona:

    Gotta admit, I was a little skeptical when I saw the Host listed with the others for Mainstream May, but you pulled it off.

    As an aside, I -like- Hudson Hawk. My brother and I can still crack each other up just by humming a little bit of Swing on a Star.

    Whoa… the guy who did Lord of War? He must have needed the paycheck. Talk about drastically different projects!

    • jack:

      Actually Lord of War seems like the film that is the different from the other films he has directed. To quote from his IMDB page:

      Trademark: The plot of his films often revolve around artificial reality, such as gene manipulation in Gattaca (1997), the life of “Truman” in The Truman Show (1998), the computer-generated actress in S1m0ne (2002), the nature of aging in “In Time” and the MO of the antagonists of “The Host”

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! My thought was that I wasn’t defending it as a good movie, just a good movie to goof on with the right friends.

      I know Willis hates Hudson Hawk but damn, it is so silly and fun. I can’t imagine them having a bad time making that.

      I think Niccol had his heart in the right place but just couldn’t overcome Meyer’s bad writing.

  • jack:

    Missed this film simply because I forgot about it that here in the UK there wasn’t any marketing that I remember promoting it. Looks good in a non-so bad its good sense so I will probably check it out.

    I agree with Gattaca being underrated that I also think In Time is underrated as well although not as good as Gattaca.

    97-99 period had some of my favourite sci-fi films Contact, Gattaca, The X-Files movie, Dark City and The Matrix.

    • Cecil:

      Gattaca blew me away when I first saw it. So out of left field. I loved the concept for In Time as well. Very well done.

  • I must confess that I read the book and yet have not seen the movie(in fact, I actually have an Advance Reader’s copy!) and yes, the science in The Host is never fully explained. However, the book starts off with Wanderer’s p.o.v. as she deals with Melanie and that is interesting for a while there. Meyer hasn’t written a follow-up to it so far and at this point, I really don’t think she’s going to.

    • Cecil:

      I read the first page and knew immediately it wasn’t for me. When Wanderer professed she was once a plant and a dragon, I just put it down. I’m guessing if the movie had been a hit, she would have had more of a reason to write the next book.

  • Egil:

    Nice review and please tell me that you are going to review a Godzilla movie next week because of the new freaking awesome Godzilla movie

  • Timo:

    I tried reading the book, since Meyer herself said she wrote it for an adult audience and I wanted to get a feeling for her writing style. I gave up fifty pages in. One thing I noticed about her style is that most of the time she doesn’t describe things, but rather just states them. An exception for this is when she describes the appearances of people. There were good ideas in the story, but she did not deal with them.

    • Cecil:

      This was her writing for an adult audience?! Ha! Wow, she is more delusional than I thought. It played out like it was being written by and for children.

      I do agree, the concept is good but the execution is just terrible.

  • ThoughtCriminal:

    I went to see this movie knowing nothing about it other than Andrew Niccol directed/wrote it as I try to avoid trailers when I like the production crew. Even after seeing all the young women in the theatre for a Sunday matinee I wanted to like it, thinking it would be an “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” with a focus on infighting between the two consciousnesses, hence the title The Host and Niccol’s predilection towards sci-fi ideas.

    After 20 minutes I had to walk out and get my money back though. I didn’t know who Stephanie Meyer was before this, but her involvement makes sense. The backdrop is merely used as an excuse for a forced romance that women can write fanfiction about.

    I understand why you enjoy this even though I can’t stand it, in the same way I hope you can appreciate why I’d rather read analyses on my stocks than watch this movie.

    I readily admit though that the DP did a great job and the lighting was excellent.

  • Kyle:

    “Glee has finally been cancelled” Hahaha! Cecil, you’re awesome! Looking forward to your next episode!

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