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Karate Cop – Episode 146

7 Responses to “Karate Cop – Episode 146”

  • Jr.:

    This series is just chock full of washed up actors isnt it? First Adam West and now David Carradine. Sheesh.

    It was so interesting to hear about the Innocence of Muslims somehow being connected to Karate Cop. It’s a small world isnt it? Who says you dont learn anything on the Internet. Great video!

    • john:

      With all the publicity the trailer got (which admittedly was pretty funny) I was not expecting to hear that. Good review as always.

  • Nothing works anymore. I can’t believe I wasted a perfectly good pants-soiling on this!

    When she put the crystal in I thought for a second we were going to get some exposition about three criminals from the Planet Krypton.

  • Cristiona:

    Oh, this just looks wonderful. I love the setting. That kind of generic PA setting can be so much fun, and it was so handy for low budget movies back in the day.

    You’d think with DtV and VoD, you’d get more of these, not less. Ah well.

  • Viewer:

    You should’ve been a 80’s rock video director! Seriously. 🙂

    This was a cool pick. It’s always nice to see a cheap flick with a heart. Sometimes the fun attitude (and a few good explosions) can supplement the plot-holes and the micro budget. And that trivia was f-ing insane…
    Congarts on your permanent Radiodrome gig!

  • Dar:

    never heard of this nor the actor Marchini, and I tend to watch such low-budget films. he certaily doens’t have a typical star’s face, but seems cool enough.

    So…was the set cold during Rachel’s scenes, or what?

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