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Neon Maniacs Episode 204

4 Responses to “Neon Maniacs Episode 204”

  • Viewer:

    Excellent choice! This really was a good bad movie. The box cover caught your interest, while I first noticed it because of the title. The word Neon in an 80s supernatural horror title? Smells like pure 80s to me. Never noticed the towers, good catch. It’s real sad that the folks who made it died. The original script ought to be released. It’s weird they never got a book deal, since this movie could be a great basis for a good movie-based book. And yeah, it really does seem like a precursor to Hellraiser with a touch of the Garbage Pail Kids.

    Another movie you may want to consider reviewing is an unintentionally (?) goofy, but kind of fun 1980s low budget horror Berserker with Linda Hamilton’s amazing lookalike Beth Toussaint (best known for her role as Tasha Yar’s halfsister in ST: TNG episode Legacy).

    The movie is about six students who visit a cabin in the woods to fool around, but it just happens that 1000 years ago vikings settled there and one of their berserker warriors was cursed to roam the forest on full moon and stalk people every few generations. The only one there other than the heroes are an old retired couple, the local worried sheriff/state trooper and his fishing buddy. The movie has that cool 80s vibe, but it’s barely a slasher due to weird plotting and lack of budget, but it does feature a cool bear wrestling scene and some nice 80s fashion and a couple of metal/rock tunes.

  • Tristan:

    Hey man nice review? Have you ever seen I Drink Your Blood? It’s really cheesy low budget 70s cannibal flick where some kid injects rabies into cupcakes and infects punks. I think it would make a great review.

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