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Lethal with special guest Obscurus Lupa – Episode 166

18 Responses to “Lethal with special guest Obscurus Lupa – Episode 166”

  • Cristiona:

    *clap clap clap* beautiful, just… beautiful.

    Also, was that Garbage over the closing credits?

  • jack:

    You should review Endangered Species/Earth Alien if you do another crossover.

    It has a little bit of Terminator, Silence of the Lambs, They Live and a whole lot of I Come in Peace plus it has one of the best explanations on evolution as to why the Dinosaurs became extinct because Aliens wanted to create a line of Dinosaur skinned clothes. 🙂 

  • demonknight:

    Something just popped into my head… Whatever happened to that crossover with Brad that was supposed to happen this February?

    • Cecil:

      Holy shit, its been that long? It’s still on, it just conventions, work, and life got in the way. I’m gonna make it happen before the end of the year.

  • Can I be Blunt? ………Mr. internet……are you going to bash me for being 100%..Honest?………!%Honest after 6 beers including a huge one That was like the size of a super OE…….Kinda Like a 40 ponder and cheese?!? Ok well fine Ill be honest… I thought the review was A wee Tit aWkwaRd……You both have just a watchyacallit Different feel……. It donna mix! SToOP!!! But Keep Doing your thing! Both Of You! Do It NOha..

  • Michael Kuzmanovski:

    Funny review. The Traxx review was great and the movIe looked so bonkers that I bought a videotape of the movie. As for Lethal, ehhh, I’m skipping that one. LOL. It looks like one of those movies that ends up on 8 Movie Action Pack from Mill Creek.

  • MH:

    This, I think, is the first video I stopped watching. I lasted less than 2 mins. The guest commentator’s comments broke the flow of the video. Your commentary sounded professional and was superior. With fewer words you were able to make comments that had greater punch. The contrast was similar to constantly switching between a channel showing a stand-up comic doing Madison Square Garden and a local channel doing stand-up routine from the local coffee shop after a single joke is told. Perhaps it would have worked better if each speaker had their own block of time, rather than the comments being interlaced.

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