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I’m looking to take the show to that proverbial next level.

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  • Muthsarah:

    Ohhh…….Cecil…no… SO lost me by so conspicuously displaying TMNT 2. Seriously, sometimes, you are just WRONG.

    Which I mean with love.

    I mean, seriously? TMNT 2 is not a “rare movie” It is not a “box office bomb” (if it was, how would you explain TMNT 3?) It was not even a “forgotten classic”. If you like it…ughhhh….that’s one thing. Which is alone hard to swallow. But a “classic”? A “classic”?!! The first one is arguably a classic (moreso for those of a certain age). But the second is a classic on nobody’s radar. I don’t even think it gets a lot of hate; the overall impression seems to still be positive. Inexplicably. Yet, forgettable. For the lucky ones. It’s the freaks like me who hate it and have hated it since first viewing (after having seen the first one, and thus having previously built-up entirely reasonable standards for the second, which were not only never met, but were spit on, phlegmily). That movie hurt me. Deeply. No exaggeration.

    I was all set to give you moneys before that. But….aww…I still wanna give you moneys. I’ve had too much fun from your vid reviews and recommendations. I ain’t givin’ monthly, ‘cuz, c’mon, you gotta be motivated. Dance, monkey! I just don’t see a simple one-time offer thing. Which I’ve done before, on other sites. I just don’t feel comfortable with monthly. If I’ve giving moneys online, I wanna be the one clicking the button, not some bot somewheres. And I forget stuff. Whatever happened to PayPal?

    And what is this “next level”? I demand more information.

    • demonknight:

      Well, that was a January 2013 review, meaning it was chosen by the fans. So, yeah.

    • Cecil:

      lol oh you

      For TMNT 2 filling that sport was…filling that spot. I had X amount of audio and I wanted to put in an intro that I liked and the TMNT one happened to fill it nicely.

      I think people have come around on the film and while it isn’t as good as the first, it is good in its own way. Although you are entitled to your opinion! It’s all good.

      If you want to donate on a one time or once in a while way, the paypal button is still on the upper left hand side of this site. I understand not wanting to sign up for yet another thing (like Patreon) so I get why you don’t want to go there. Although, it looks to be taking off, there are some larger content producers that are developing stuff and are doing well. I doubt I’ll put in as much as someone like Smooth McGroove but anything is better than nothing. Also, in the 24 hours that the patreon was up I’ve made more than the 4 years of my paypal donation button.

      Next level is essentially I do this full time. I have great things I want to do but I just can’t with the time I have.

      • Muthsarah:

        That’s awesome to hear. Yeah, I kinda don’t even notice the “Donate” button anymore. It’s everywhere. I usually don’t donate unless there’s a specific request. I’ll see if I can do something. Are things really going well enough that you could go full-time with this (or at least be able to dial back your other responsibilities to part-time)? Would that mean you’d be going bigger, or just more frequent, with your vids?

        • Cecil:

          Yeah, the donate button has sort of become white noise anymore. Hopefully Patreon doesn’t get overused to the fact that everyone who does something on the internet turns it into a beg-a-thon.

          I think I have a lot of momentum building and if I can get just the right attention, this thing could (hopefully) go big. We’ll see I guess. All it takes is the right person or site to see the right video and push it. I had a nice boom with the Posters video and a good early bump with the trailers one. I just hope that one picks up steam again, I put a ton of work into it.

          If I was to do this full time I think it would allow me time to do some more of the things I want to do that I just don’t have the time to dedicate. Plus, it will give me time to make the episodes longer. (the ones that need to be) Many times I cut material out because I just don’t have enough time to get to them.

          On top of that, it would make life a little easier. Right now between my full time job and GBF, I don’t have time for much else. I lose a lot of sleep working on these and it would be nice to be able to stretch the work out over the week rather than try to cram a lot in after hours.

  • Andrew:

    I only started watching your videos a few months ago and find them easily some of the most entertaining and informative…. Just signed up for your Patreon and cant wait for more great stuff to come.

  • Dar:

    Nice that your videos still find their way on Youtube, but I wonder how is Patreon different than Paypal?

    • Cecil:

      Patreon is kind of a service that you set up to have fans give you ongoing support. So in a way, they can set up to give automatically (if they so desire) on a monthly or per-release basis. (I set it up as monthly)

      Its like a really long crowdfunding campaign where the audience is donating to help keep the show going. I’ve already made more in 24 hours on Patreon (well, technically I haven’t made anything yet since they don’t charge the patrons until the end of the month) than I have in the 4 years I had the paypal donate button up.

  • William Sandell:

    Love the commentary and the behind the scenes stuff. Where it was filmed , budgets, freezing actors in a Summer film shot in Winter. All find the place to donate.

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