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Angelfist – Episode 28

8 Responses to “Angelfist – Episode 28”

  • Don Chubo:

    Martial arts and tits. Hee hee!

  • mobius322:

    Totally bought this last week. This movie kicks ass. Its far better put together than I thought it would be. Thanks again for the recomendation! I’d seen it for years on video store shelves as a kid and always wondered if it was any good. It damn sure is 😀

    • Cecil:

      Awesome! No problem, glad you liked it. Great fights in this. I’ve seen it so many times. A shame about Sassoon. I’ll talk about her again whenever I get to Bloodfist Ground Zero.

      • mobius322:

        Awesome,can’t wait for that episode. I was thinking about getting Bloodfist IV, I think she’s in that one too..I’ve heard its the only good one of those Don Wilson Bloodfist movies. Are the others good? Cat Sassoon is ridiculously badass, trashy, and hot in Angel Fist. ^.^ its such a shame she only has a few movies to her name and only one as the star (that I know of).

        • Cecil:

          I like all the Bloodfist movies for being silly, entertaining action flicks. Some better than others, with Ground Zero being my favorite. The movies are good if you go in knowing that there is just enough story there to tie together the fight scenes.

          That is a great description of Sassoon. Ridiculously badass and trashy hot. Gotta love exploitation where the lead is fighting topless in a thong. Its a shame she died so young, she could have had many more of these under her belt. She could have been like the Linnea Quigley of actionsploitation.

  • Kenney Mabie:

    Wholly shit you know about Xev and Lexx ! such an under rated show …

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