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Captain America – Episode 159

26 Responses to “Captain America – Episode 159”

  • MD84:

    I meet Albert Pyun once when he was touring with his director’s cut and he said the film was made out of suitcase costing less than $4 million.What he wanted to show was the angst and diffculties of being a superhero. I grew up watching this as a kid and just pains me how everyone hates it. But I am glad that someone was trying to do a different superhero movie focusing on character instead of action which is a common staple today.

    Also check out youtube user VincentCA1, he has a couple scenes deleted from the workprint that explains some errors,,

    • Cecil:

      A shame he didn’t get the budget he was promised, the film would have been much better. I still like it but you can really tell they were struggling at times.

  • mogens: have right cecil the makeup for red skull whas pretty okay for its time
    2.what did you think of the nestalgia critic review of it?
    3.i am sorry for saying this cecil but the captain amerikas costume for was horrible

    • Cecil:

      1 – it looked quite good
      2 – never saw it
      3 – it looked a lot like the comic but that doesn’t always translate to the real world

  • Jr.:

    They wanted Howie Long?? Imagine how that movie would’ve played out. Besides that, I always thought the girl who played the grandma and Sharon was really cute. Great review as always! For some reason, Ive always enjoyed this flick.

  • demonknight:

    And another Shout Factory title… What’s next? The Vagrant, Eliminators, Eye of the Tiger, Cellar Dweller, Not of This Earth ’88? Or is it Slumber Party Massacre?

  • The Viewer:

    Editing in this review is better than the editing in most of that movie… The movie may be as silly as it gets, but its biggest sin is that it’s often dull and better editing could’ve helped. Did you see the original cut, or the new Pyun’s cut?
    On a side note, how ironic that a guy who wrote one of the more boring superhero films is called Tolkin…
    Punisher is by far the best of Golan’s three Marvel movies, and in my book – the best Punisher movie to date (Jane’s movie had a crappy script/direction and Punisher: War Zone was okay, but needed more Dolph :).
    Please review Bad Dudes! 🙂 You can do it as a pilot for a gaming mini-review show. Reviewing classic (good and bad) beat’em ups and other “quick to beat” games would allow you to release game reviews more often (even if they themselves would perhaps be shorter) and you’d shine a light on a classic genre(s) that other reviewers often skip.

    To tie this post back to the review – thanks for another good vid and greetings from the former Yugoslavia, the favorite place for Italian and US b-movie producers after Spain and the Philippines. 🙂

    • Roy:

      Correction: The first Punisher film was put out by New World Pictures, which owned Marvel Comics at the time. Lani Tupi, who played Crais and voiced Pilot on “Farscape”, is in the film.

      Good review, Cecil. The corn muffin I ate while watching this…accident…had more flavor. The 2011 movie was so much fun, it was insane. I hope to see the sequel soon.

    • Cecil:

      I’ve seen both cuts. I’m more used to the theatrical and didn’t really feel the Pyun cut was too different.

      Bad Dudes is great but man, I just stink at those old quarter munchers. I used to be so much better. I’ll keep it on the plate.


  • bastardjackyll:

    Ahhh, back when awesome cover art could sell the movie better any trailer could. All of the my friends told me it sucked, but I said “No way, look at that case, it’s gotta be good!”

    Beverly Hills Cop(s), Robocop, Total Recall, how cool is Ronny Cox!?!

  • Cristiona:

    I agree with “The Viewer”. You should totally do a GBG for Bad Dudes. It’s a pretty standard beat-em-up, but I remember spending hours and way too many quarters at the local bowling alley playing it. Good times.

    As for this… well… at least it wasn’t as bad as the Reb Brown ones?

    • Cecil:

      I’ll keep Bad Dudes out there but is it really unknown? I thought it was one of the more popular beat em ups of the time.

      I’ve had so many people telling me about the Reb Brown ones lol.

  • Renc:

    Hey Cecil, I just wanted to say I love your show and its good to see more people are taking interest with your site. Seeing the increase in number of comments in every video is great. Keep up the awesome work man and I’ll keep supporting you anyway I can.

  • Dar:

    These videos go by so fast.

    I also liked this movie. Albert Pyun is quite good at turning (churning?) out decent watchable movies at the lowest budget.

    And I agree with The Viewer, Lungren’s “Punisher” is superb!

    • Cecil:

      I wish the editing went by as fast! lol

      I like the vast majority of Pyun’s work. There is only 1-2 that just don’t work for me.

  • Steve:

    The Bad Dudes reference was awesome! I haven’t even thought about that game in years but the second that screen came up, I was like “Bad Dudes!!!!” For some reason thinking of Bad Dudes made me think of a game on the Sega Genesis I loved called Mercs. I spent several hours afterward digging out the Genesis, getting it plugged in and working, and playing Mercs. My kids love it.

    As for Captain America – I remember seeing it (probably on HBO) back in the early 90’s and thinking it felt like it had the ingredients of a good comic book movie and they just didn’t have the budget or time to pull it off. It’s got a great supporting cast (Ronnie Cox, Darren McGavin, Ned Beatty……that’s tons of bonus points right there). the effects are ok but uneven, the action is well…ummmm …. about like an early season MacGyver episode without the stock footage.

    After hearing about the production manager/budget issues, the result makes sense. So many good bad movies (especially comic book/sci-fi) seem to be the result of a good/ambitious script having the budget rug pulled out from under them at the last moment. Heck, that seems to be the story of just about every non-ninja or non-Chuck Norris movie Golan/Globus produced in the 80’s. There are a few exceptions: Masters of the Universe, Lifeforce, and Invaders From Mars all had decent budgets that were followed through on and it shows. They are still good bad movies, but at least they look good. Unfortunately, most of Golan/Globus “ambitious” movies turned out more like Superman 4 (although, a billion dollar budget thrown at that script probably wouldn’t have been any better). At least I still get to crack up every time Nuclear Man goes “RAWWRRRRRRR!!!!!!”

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I like to throw in a good reference where I can. Ah Mercs. I played that so much on my Genesis.

      I’ll still take any Golan/Globus production over superexpensive drek like Oz The Great and Powerful. G/G could have made 200 movies with the money they blew on that one.

  • Howie Long?! The football player? Someone originally had designs on Howie Long? Wow, totally not picturing it.

    The one thing I think about anytime I see Ronny Cox playing a political figure is that this man REALLY must like power. After all, he played the President in this movie AND Murder at 1600 (say what you will, but I’ve sat through it twice, and it’s…well…interesting), and a jerk of a Senator (later Vice President) on Stargate SG-1. He got his in the end there.

    I’ve seen Superman 3 and 4, and well…this one is just as bad. But laughably bad.

    Try not to sit out in the sun (I’m part Irish, sunscreen is my best friend).

    Great review Cecil!!!

    • Cecil:


      Ronny Cox is the man. I think he just looks like someone who should be in a place of power, so he ends up playing one.

      I’ve been good with not getting burnt, I just have to make sure to put on SPF a bazillion if I’m going to the beach. I had sun poisoning once when I was a kid and it sucked. It sucked bad.

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