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Exploring The Evil Dead Episode 226

6 Responses to “Exploring The Evil Dead Episode 226”

  • Cristiona:

    Oh man, this movie. I saw them in reverse order. Was a huge fan of Army of Darkness, and had a blast with Evil Dead 2, manly because there was a lot of silliness to break the tension (like Ash jumping and trying to punch the naga).

    And then one night I watched the original.


    In the dark.

    I about pissed myself. This movie, along with Mouth of Madness, are the two movies that have genuinely scared me. Plenty have made me queasy or uncomfortable or jumpy, and plenty have stuck with me hours later, or when I was in a situation similar to what the movie had, but Evil Dead and Mouth of Madness are just on a whole different level. They honestly terrified me, possibly even scarred me.

    I still haven’t rewatched Evil Dead (although I own the awesome Book of the Dead edition). I could only watch Madness a second time because I was listening to the commentary. I don’t know what it was about these two movies, but it’s like they had a direct line to my amygdala. Even hearing their names makes me look over my shoulder.

    That said, this video was awesome. Glad you finally got around to covering it.

    • Cecil:

      The Evil Dead has such a visceral vibe to it, it gets under your skin and stays there. I had forgotten how effective it was after years of seeing mostly Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, which were much more cartoonish.

      I’m glad I waited on certain films like this one because I wouldn’t have been able to do them as well a few years ago.

  • Melissa:

    Oh my god, I’ve been waiting for so long to see this video. I love everything that is Evil Dead. The new show that premiered has been awesome

    (though I’m a bit pissed that killed off Jill Marie Jones for no real reason other than shock value. It doesn’t help that they’ve recently announced Michelle Hurd is joining the series in essentially the same role as Jones.)

    Anyway I’ve always been a fan. Bringing up how Bruce was one of the possessed in Within the Woods does make wonder how the film would have gone if Linda had lived instead Ash. Then again, she’d just be another final girl now wouldn’t she?

    • Cecil:

      Nothing against Linda but most likely the series would have ended there if she was the hero. The actress was pretty much done after they filmed.

  • What a great and really detailed review you have put there. I had no idea that the filmmakers and cast went through hell to make that movie or that any of the female co stars wanted nothing to do with that picture after it was made. It was great to see how “Within the Woods” got them the distribution that was needed. I’m surprised that it’s not one any of the DVD or BluRay releases. Would love to see that short

    • Cecil:

      Within the Woods was remastered and was set to be on one of the releases (there is even a title card for it on the DVD) but at the last minute Sam backed out and didn’t want it released so they pulled it from the registrar before the disk went to master. The rumor is he is embarrassed by it. A shame, I think the folks who haven’t seen it would like to see the source of where the Evil Dead started.

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