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Netflix Instant Recommendations Jan 15 2015

14 Responses to “Netflix Instant Recommendations Jan 15 2015”

  • Renc:

    I’d appreciate it a lot actually if you make more of these

  • Grant:

    I’ve been meaning to check out Manhunter for a while now after watching The Silence of the Lambs.

    Speaking of Michael Mann films, are you planning to see his upcoming film Blackhat? Also, in relation to your exploring Black Christmas video and the under use or lack thereof of color in movies today, what do you think of the use of colors throughout Mann’s films? Do you think Blackhat is going for a similarly themed color scheme to Heat? Perhaps with black instead of blue? 🙂

    • demonknight:

      Yuck. I didn’t like Heat very much, and I think that “blackhat” looks atrocious. I have gotten that trailer more times than I can count. Still have to check out Manhunter though.

      • Roy:

        Blasphemy. Heat was cool, and not just because DeNiro and Pacino were in it (tight story, fierce action, three-dimensional characters). Manhunter’s also cool, especially the climax. Cecil knows what I’m taking about, and Michael Mann’s one of the best filmmakers that came from TV (created “Vega$” and produced “Miami Vice”).

        Like the new format, Cecil. Just show the movie poster and one scene shot.

        • demonknight:

          The acting and characters in Heat were just fine. The whole time I just found myself wishing it was about forty minutes shorter. I also wished Michael Rooker would have shown up. Later, I was delighted to find it was a remake of a Michael Mann TV movie starring Michael Rooker.

    • Cecil:

      Manhunter is terrific. Really worth checking out.

      Blackhat looks good, I have no idea when I’m going to be able to see it though.

  • Did you see that sharknado 2 was also on Netflix?

    Oh there you go! That’s a section you should add on to these NIRs: “Good/Bad flick I either have reviewed, or probably will soon.” (uh… something more pithy though)

  • Keith:

    Manhunter is probably one of the best thrillers from the 1980’s…I think the only film that tops it is To Live & Die in L.A.

    Both films are marvelous to look at, and the acting is superb. I’d actually like to see you do a review of either film at some point. Got to say that Manhunter is the “must watch” title in this week’s list, one of my favorites as well. Great recommendations Cecil…looking forward to the next video.

  • jack:

    Is The Guest (2014) available on Netflix US?

    Just watched it and it was a great film. Definitely one of my favourite films of 2014.

    Bloodsport was the earliest film I remember seeing on VHS (for the millennial kids out there were films on big tapes prior to DVD 😊) that if you had a VCR or satellite/cable movie channels you had to watch Van Damme and Arnie flicks Bloodsport, Kickboxer, AWOL, Double Impact, Predator, Running Man, Terminator 1 and 2 and Commando.

    • Cecil:

      No, just as a rental. Hoping to see it soon. I loved his last movie.

      Miss the old action movies of the 80s-90s. The new ones just aren’t as good.

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