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Exploring Sleepaway Camp – Episode 179

Finally! The last of the all request movies. Was a lot later than usual on these but 2015 has been kind of crazy. I’ve got a fun throwback movie next week and some great stuff lined up for the rest of the year. 🙂

11 Responses to “Exploring Sleepaway Camp – Episode 179”

  • Gary O'B:

    Just found this on You Tube running at 1.24 mins, (says it’s uncut) so will check it out.

  • J-dirt:

    Have watched all 179 episode’s, Keep up the good work !

    Love 80’s Horror !

  • mogens:

    The Cinema snob dislikes this

  • jack:

    Watched a Eric Roberts movie called Camp Dread that I think it is supposed to be loosely based on this film as it has the same lead star Felissa Rose and Eric Roberts Summer Camp director character was responsible for making similar movies to this one.

    “The “Summer Camp” horror trilogy was one of the most popular franchises of the 1980s. However, the decade ended and so did director/writer Julian Barrett’s career. Now Barrett has a plan to resurrect “Summer Camp” in a modern reboot that entails using a reality show as its template and source of fundraising. Should it succeed Barrett would once again be at the helm. Bringing together an eclectic group of young “contestants” as well as his former stars Rachel Steele and John Hill, Barrett seems to have put together a sure fire recipe for success. Then people start dying. For real. And “elimination” takes on a whole new meaning as “” clearly shows the slasher film has grown up.”

    It is available to watch online but is not that great.

  • Gary O'B:

    Loved it…..this has everything, Stabbing, decapitation, chopping, impaling, and what the hell kind of bees do you have over there !! Also, is it suggested that Judy dies from a curling iron dildo attack ? (Or is that just my twisted imagination?)
    The snake was a nice touch and it was a great false head, as was the superb Angela face at the end.
    Odd that for a cheaply made horror film the only nudity was male, even Megs shower was tame ( clever death scene, it felt particularly nasty even though it wasn’t graphic.)
    Felissa Rose was superb, that stare was just right, not insane or stupid but unsettling.
    I thought Karen Fields had the look of a young Lady Gaga.
    But the true horror of this film has to be Ronnies’ red shorts !!!
    Ya could of warned us…..
    One question…..Why was Rickys’ mum like something out of Alice in Wonderland ? I get the crazy, but the clothes ?

  • mogens:

    My favorite philip saymour hoffman performance wars dusty from The movie twister it Wad funny over the top and hillaries

  • Gary O'B:

    Wait a second………..If Angela is scared of the water because of the boating accident at the start, how could she swim out to the canoe to drown Kenny ??
    So……who killed Kenny ( har har )

  • mogens:

    tales from the darkside the movie is the true creepshow 3

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