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Deadly Sins – Episode 167

17 Responses to “Deadly Sins – Episode 167”

  • Cristiona:

    Mother Superior looks familiar.

    And this movie looks pretty dippy, but… it looks like it probably could have been kind of fun.

    Oh, Alyssa. Your softcore career didn’t last nearly long enough. Ahem.

    • Cecil:

      Its quite entertaining really. Nothing too taxing and Alyssa, even in the nun outfit, is easy on the eyes.

      I’m glad she was able to get her career back on track but there is also the part of me that is glad she had to go through this…phase.

      Between her and Nicole Eggert, they were my 80s crushes. Although Eggert never had another big hit beyond Baywatch. (but she does have the award for “girl who had sex with both Corys (Cory Haim and Feldman)

  • Egil:

    Nice review man but I am curious to know if you are interested in doing a exploring video based on the original Robocop movie from 1987 ? because it would be pretty fitting now that the Robocop remake has come out on DVD and I would also love to see you do a Good Bad Flicks episode based on Robocop 2 and maybe Robocop 3

  • Viewer:

    Good review, but is there any chance to cover her vampire movie as well? It is so notorious, yet no online reviewer that I know of covered it yet.

    • Cecil:

      Really? I figured that one would be all over the place. I might tackle it, but it will probably require a good bit of censoring. lol

      • Viewer:

        Nope, not one I could find. I guess they didn’t want to bother with all the censorship either. 🙂
        Although, if I remember the movie correctly, there’s “only” 3 or 4 risqué scenes tops, but to be fair, they are the center pieces of the movie and kind of lengthy. 🙂

        • Cecil:

          I wonder if it has something to do with Alyssa’s mom trying to remove all naughty stuff of her daughter from the internet.

  • Astrakhan:

    I’m kind of torn on whether I should ask about a possible review of “The Last Starfighter”. On the one hand, it’s legitimately my favorite film of all time… and on the other, there’s definitely some good riffing material in it.

  • Angasii:

    Hey Cecil, where you ever thinking of doing a video on Dragonslayer?

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