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To All a Good Night – Episode 39

Ho. Ho. Ho.

4 Responses to “To All a Good Night – Episode 39”

  • David:

    I enjoy watching your videos but these newer ones have become too spoiler filled. It seems unnecessary seeing as you’ve been able to make thirty-something spoiler free videos since now.

    • Cecil:

      Sorry, it’s just been the evolution of the show. I still try to leave some stuff out of the videos so you don’t feel like I revealed everything.

      I’ve received plenty of emails and messages of people that still watch and enjoy the movies after seeing the episode, spoilers and all.

      The production has really improved and I hope you stick around. Some of my more recent episodes I feel have been some of my best. (IMHO, that is)

  • David:

    I enjoy your show a lot so I don’t plan on missing out on more of your interesting and amusing reviews. Maybe just try not to be so brutal with the spoilers, especially at the end. Still, I do enjoy your work and I think I’ll just skip on reviews of films I still want to see such as Black Christmas.

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