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Doom – Episode 160

24 Responses to “Doom – Episode 160”

  • Cristiona:

    It certainly had its rough patches, but I rather liked Doom when I saw it. Probably because Urban is an insanely good actor, and the Rock just oozes charisma from every pore. The two of them together is just amazing.

  • jack:

    Story of the film sounds like the 1st Resident Evil game in a way.

    Will you be reviewing any of the Resident Evil film in the future? It gets a lot of heat but is one of the game movies that is closer to including aspects of the original game than other game to film adaptations and most importantly is fun although there are elements that they did change some good and bad.

  • Albert:

    I’ve actually always liked this movie, it was fun throughout and I am not even the biggest fan of the game. So I never noticed the inconsistencies with the story.

  • demonknight:

    Now to find what the three movies from 2013 are… My guesses are:
    Bullet to the Head
    Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
    And maybe G.I. Joe: Retaliation?

  • Fred B.:

    Oh god yes! I loved that movie. I discovered Karl Urban when watching it too.

  • Fred B.:

    The movie did give us a HUGE clue regarding who the actual hero was right at the start, though.

    When the whole gang grab their guns, Reaper comes in at the very last second…AFTER Sarge. Then when they get to Mars…we find out Reaper has a sister.

    At that point I knew Sarge would either die early or be the bad guy, with the latter being the most obvious route.

    Seriously though, what did Karl Urban do before Doom? I had never heard of him before then.

  • Jr.:

    Mainstream May! Oddly enough, I didnt like this movie when it first came out probably because of the lack of action and relation to the game. However, once the story picks up, its pretty much nonstop until the end of the game and how figuratively all Hell breaks loose.

    I think the reason why they didnt go with the demons was because of sensitivities. While I can understand why they just changed it to mutants, the Hell aspect wouldve made the movie stand out even more. I know its a long shot but Im still holding out for some sort of Doom sequel.

    Loved that Aliens vs. Predator Requiem joke. My brother and I went to see that movie in theaters when it came out. Half the movie was pure blackness! We joked that we were gonna complain to the theater owners that they forgot to plug in the video output.

    Loved the review! Looking forward to the next one.

    • Cecil:

      They didn’t say but most likely you are right. They probably didn’t want to offend anyone so they dropped the Hell angle. A shame.

      AVP2 I really do like but man, who lit that thing? There is such a thing as hiding too much in the dark, all it did was piss of the audience when stuff was happening and no one could see it.

  • Jeff:

    While I was not enthralled by this movie, I did love the review and the intro. I am a huge fan of the Doom games. While Doom 3 didn’t quite live up to the expectations, it was still a very good game in which I have beaten twice. Once upon its initial release, and once 5 months ago interestingly enough. Aces bro, though I will say this, you didn’t have quite the quick/sarcastic wit of your usual sign-off statement, but that is a simple nitpick. Chow bro!

    • Cecil:

      I did have an out that I had to cut because I just didn’t have time to put it together. I was running way behind schedule. It was about how they name dropped John Carmack at every given opportunity. (which went to an edit of all the times they said Carmack in the film…which was about a million)

  • mogens:

    1.i am surprised you done this Cecil since you sad no to my request for whis movie
    2.two thomps up for the review

  • Dar:

    Wait! You mean they actually made a a movie where the military unit is all men, and where there is no “tough kick-ass chick” and no love interest??

    I’m shocked!!

  • Viewer:

    Karl Urbanov i Rockov film je ok, ali ovo je pravi pravcati Doom/Quake crossover film, koji zasluzuje i holivudsku adaptaciju.
    Film su napravili fanovi (a skoro profi izgleda), a prati marinca iz Doom igara kojeg u sred borbe sa snagama Pakla otme misteriozna grupa i prebaci ga u interdimenzionalnu mortal combat arenu.
    I agree that this is not that bad of a movie, but if you want to see a perfect Doom/Quake movie, look no further thab Arenas – a phenomenal fan project that gave birth to a blood boiling, adrenalin humping, true to source material 68 minute CGI film that’s so good it’ll make your skin crawl (in a good way). Hollywood should rip these guys off immediately. 10/10 for a fan project. A must see for any fan of either of the two franchises. And the best thing is that the story (during hellspawn invasion, Doom marine gets teleported to a mysterious arena where snatched participants from all over the galaxy are fighting for life and death) even has some mild depth to it.

    The film:

    This flick will get you into gaming mood right away.

  • ThoughtCriminal:

    I liked this movie. It’s important to judge a movie on what it was trying to accomplish and Doom does exactly what it wants, good creature effects/lighting/pacing/B-movie story, perfect.

    I’ve never played the video game so will take your word for it, but the hell/demonic aspect could definitely have been interesting. Probably had a more presence in the original draft where script doctors hadn’t convinced the writer to axe it.

    Karl Urban is a great actor in bad movies. I first noticed him in The Chronicles of Riddick, and he’s always been fantastic.

  • JDelwynn:

    I really think this movie is bad. Barely nothing happens in it and the first person stuff made me laugh. It was pretty stupid. They should have kept the hell stuff in it, but being ‘murica and all, axing that doesn’t suprise me in the slightest. The director (I can’t be bothered to even try to write his name) is probably the worst director today, after Michael Bay. I liked Exit Wounds though, just for the huge camp value that is Steven Seagal.

    Still, after spending a whole day watching your stuff, it’s refreshing to see someone at least trying to defend these movies and being informative about why you think they are good. Got a bit of tired of all the caustic critics out there. Even when lot of the stuff is genuinely really, really bad.

    Oh, and first time I recognized Karl Urban was him playing Eomer in the LOTR movies.

    • Cecil:

      Doom should have focused on one soldier and kept the Hell aspect but I still didn’t think it was that bad of a movie.

      Thanks though! Glad you are liking the videos. I genuinely enjoy these things and I was tired of the overwhelming amount of shows that did nothing but trash movies as the low hanging fruit.

  • mogens:

    1.this was a better review than the blockbuster buster
    2.the fight with the rock and karl urban was awesome

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