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Arachnia – Episode 126

…and a bucket!

20 Responses to “Arachnia – Episode 126”

  • CM Hege:

    Amazing Movie! Watched it in the only way you should watch it: With some friends und a couple of beers. We laughed our asses off, especially in the scene, when the guys rush into the room, where the chickยดs bathing and suddenly this 90s-Sax-Tunes played. Awesome!

    • Cecil:

      That is the perfect environment for this kind of movie. Some friends, some beers (or in my case caffeine) and a good time. So many movies are so much better with the right folks around.

  • john:

    You forgot to mention the greatest Spider monster movie in your intro 2003’s Spiders. ๐Ÿ™‚–SJeBFs80Y

    Fully agree with you on the CGI especially in regards to giant monster films even when they are done well in big blockbuster films I think they are pretty boring compared to animatronics even if it is pretty bad stock motion with scenes in this film.

    I think that is the reason I never really liked the Lord of the Rings films that they had big set piece battles with CGI creatures.

    This scene would have been WAY better if Frodo was fighting the Spider from Spiders (2003).

    I tried watching the 2013 Spiders but I was just not interested in the CGI spiders and set pieces that are just boring and totally uninteresting.

  • My brother rented this movie around the time of its original release. He started it around midnight and after a couple minutes of the acting I didn’t think it was worth sticking around for the rest.

    From the box I thought it was going to just have some SyFy Channel graphics in the last ten minutes. Had I know it was going to go out out with these kinds of old school effects, I might have stuck around longer.

    I don’t know if I’ll seek this one out just yet, but your reference to other stop motion features reminded me that Valley of Gwangi and 10 Million BC are still on my “Want to see List”. “10 Million BC” in particular feels like its the “Seven Year Itch” of cult movies. Everyone remembers the heroine’s iconic outfit, but few can claim to have actually seen the full feature.

  • mogens:

    my top villians
    1.the horned king from the black couldrin
    2.ghostface from the sceam movies
    3.simon felix from demolition man
    4.molorath from the indiana jones and the temples of doom
    5.pinhead from hellraiser
    6.pennywise and the spider from stephen kings it

  • Fun video,Cecil and I’m glad it was ready in time for my birthday!

  • Quippy:

    Dr. Who FTW!!!!!!!

  • Cristiona:

    All that silly Dr. Who joke needed was the shocked looking face of Tom Baker!

    “I don’t think so!” She doesn’t think so? How often has this chick been black-out drunk that she can’t remember if she’s had sex with another woman?

    I have to say, while the effects don’t blend seamlessly, this is still pretty neat (and looks fakey enough that I could watch without getting the jibblies), and it’s great to see yoeman work by a director who loves his craft and is just working within tight constraints. As opposed to an assbag exploiting tax laws to rake in piles of cash.

    • Cecil:

      Gah! Yeah, the Tom Baker face would have pulled that together. Oh well, can’t think of em all!

      I know, right?! Its kind of a yes or no question. I’m going to say yes because she didn’t seem to even want to slow down. They go from zero to vibrator. (you hear the wrrrrrrrr of the vibrator in the actual movie lol)

      Bingo. Its not perfect but its not hollywood. Its a guy on a shoestring budget doing the vast majority of the effects himself. Really impressive, especially when you see how many stop motion and mini shots there are in the film. He didn’t have buckets of cash and a team of animators to fall back on, he just had his own skills.

  • mogens:

    please review kingdom of the crystal skull

  • James Smith:

    You should review The Devil’s Rain (1975).

  • Cecil:

    Drainiac at some point. Still have to see Spiders 3D. Suggestions always welcome!

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