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Santa’s Slay – Episode 150

35 Responses to “Santa’s Slay – Episode 150”

  • You’ve done a great job Cecil. Maybe I’m going to take a look at this movie someday, because it really looks like fun.^^

  • mogens:

    1.dident you say you will review this movie next chrismas?
    2.this is my favorite horror chrismas film thank soo much for revview it
    3.i will kill for a nother santans slay movie

  • demonknight:

    Nope. He said next week, approximately seven days ago.

    Also, I don’t mean to be rude, but do you intentionally put spelling errors in your comments? It’s just something that always jumps out at me, and not in a good way.

    Good episode. Totally worth the wait. I wish that Nic Cage had a cameo, as Ratner could have called in a favor for him, what with The Family Man and his almost casting in Red Dragon.

  • James Rubec:

    I will be buying this movie today, holy crap this looks amazing.

  • Jr.:

    Yes, I agree with everything you said in this video, especially those god awful cartoons everybody’s putting on Facebook these days.

    I’m a big Goldberg fan since the beginning and watching this video made me wonder what Brock Lesnar would do if he were Santa. Hmmm…

    A Jewish man named Mr. Green that owns a deli/ butcher shop? Somebody’s been watching Hey Arnold.

    Anyways, great video as always. Happy Holidays!

  • mogens:

    if i said something wrong i am sorry i was just trying too bee nise

  • jack:

    I liked Bad Santa but do like Santas Slay more. Shame it doesn’t get more praise and recognition.

    I’m surprised it actually took this long for someone to come up with an idea to make a Christmas horror/comedy where Santa is the villain.

    At least they done it right that is not only a good Christmas holiday film but one of the best horror/comedies. The blend of deaths and humour was great and Goldberg made a great Santa villain.

    • Cecil:

      Thats fine, I personally just think Bad Santa is awful but I know I’m in the minority.

      Well, they did do some movies with people dressed as Santa but never one where it was actually Santa as the killer, like this one.

  • Rocco:

    Another great episode as always.
    I always thought the circle game was a regional thing too, Im from NJ.
    THis is the second pop culture reference i can remember seeing it played. The first was an episode of Malcolm in the Middle.
    Cant wait for the all request month.

    • jack:

      It will be interesting to see his choices for top 10 movies of the year and worse that I think overall had been a good year much better than 2012 but they also had some noticeable stinkers that is not including Movie 43 that I have not seen yet but I will eventually watch just for the “it can’t be that bad” curiosity.

      • bastardjackyll:

        It can, and it is. You will be astounded at how many talented people could put together something so shitty.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I just thought it was a thing with me and some friends that we used to do years ago. It cracked me up to see it in a movie.

  • mogens:

    santas slay was awesome cecil cant wait for a secrul

  • Alexander:

    Thanks from Sweden for a year of solid, great reviews! Really appreciate how dudes like you put down hours to create quality, free entertainment for people. I would love to see a review of one of my personal favorites, Brain Smasher. Happy new year, Cecil!

  • Cristiona:

    I never watched Bad Santa as I already had a go-to R rated Christmas comedy: The Ref.

    Wait wait wait. Did this movie have a poop joke that was actually funny? Wow. Well done, movie!

    While not a comedy, I wonder how you would compare this to Rare Exports, which also did the Evil Santa tack. Bet that’d make for an interesting double-feature.

    • Cecil:

      Exactly. The Ref is such a good movie and so unexpected.

      Rare Exports is awesome. I just showed my brother in law this year. So dark and serious with a good hint of humor but not forced.

  • mogens:

    bill guldberg was an awesome santa i hope hi comes back if they planning too doo a nother santas slay movie

  • Sue:

    Cool as always 🙂 I caught this on cable a few years back and absolutely love it! It’s become another one of my Christmas traditions to watch it – along with Silent Night Deadly Night and Rare Exports.

  • Mikki:

    Sorry Cecil, I’m a bit bit behind so only just catching up on stuff on YouTube.

    However I think it’s important to give you kudos for The Last Dragon nod when Gramps gets “the glow” :]

  • ThatIsAnAndroid:

    It’s always nice to see the unbelievably pretty Claire from Lost showing up in stuff.

  • Timo:

    The opening scene has a subtle bit of metatextual (I think that’s the word to use here) humor in that the family is all played by of Jewish actors and actresses. Actually, I’m not sure about Rebecca Gayheart, but her husband is Jewish at least.

  • Ike Carr:

    Glad someone else out there hates BAD SANTA as much as I do.

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