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Revenge of the Ninja – Episode 16

5 Responses to “Revenge of the Ninja – Episode 16”

  • andrew:

    ok we know the ninja is cool, but what about the samurai

    • Cecil:

      Samurais are great, I would love to see more movies with them. There are a few that are awesome (Seven Samurai, 13 Assassins, Yojimbo) but for the most part they get overlooked in favor of Ninjas.

  • V.Dean:

    Since you’re into samurai films, how about giving the “Lonewolf and Cub” series of movies a shot, I think their fantastic.

  • Rafael:

    Dont forget about the awesome “Shogun Assassin”
    As for pirates vs ninjas…
    Come on ninjas everytime and ninjas lived by a code and worked hard.
    Pirates are rapists theives and murderers and dont get me started about there hygiene.
    Also they are in terrible movies.

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