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Batman vs Superman – Movie Review

7 Responses to “Batman vs Superman – Movie Review”

  • mogens:

    1.6:24 here wee go with the hath jet again GET OVER IT ALREADY
    2.spiderman 3 was bad BULLSHIT some peoble like it
    3.17:28 and here wee go with the kevin james hath

  • MH:

    Really surprised me to hear your wife’s voice. It was a nice touch. Perhaps you will have her join you for reviewing movies in the future?
    Saw this with someone in IMAX in Lancaster, PA area Friday night and it was an experience, though I was getting bored during the first part (unlike when I took a look at “The Dark Knight Rises” on TNT Sat. night and got pulled in) and thought the action scenes were too short. I was glad I saw the film early so as not to have the big surprise at the end ruined by seeing people talk about it online.

    • Cecil:

      We were on the way back from the movie talking about it and I was like “hey, lets just record this when we get home”. She was nervous about being on but glad that everyone liked it. She’ll most likely be back for Civil War.

  • Jonathan:

    I believe that the Superman nuke scene was inspired by the Dark Knight Rises ( While I agree that he did look like Bizarro, the emaciated look is nearly identical to the comic and animated film.

  • bastardjackyll:

    MRS. T!!!!

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