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Stone Cold – Episode 42

Not to be confused with Cold Stone.

4 Responses to “Stone Cold – Episode 42”

  • jeff:

    Not since Jean Claude Van Damme in Hard Target has a mullet ever had a magnificent apperance in celluloid.

    • Cecil:

      lol and what a wonderous mullet is was! This made me think I should do a Top 10 most epic action movie mullets. The problem is finding one that could topple The Boz.

  • Tanner:

    Haha, I actually live in Pensacola, and it looks nothing like that. Nice to see we are in a movie, though.

    • Cecil:

      I passed through there years ago. It was just such an odd choice for them to have a gang setup, it made me wonder if one of the producers through it in there as a goof.

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