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Traxx with Special Guest Obscurus Lupa – Episode 132

42 Responses to “Traxx with Special Guest Obscurus Lupa – Episode 132”

  • Cristiona:

    My God, this is just amazing. Brilliant episode!

    This movie looks so insane, it’s like it was made from clips from other movies, like the Bimbo Movie Bash. I… I’m having trouble believing this is a real movie.

    It’s almost like a movie version of Sledge Hammer. And I totally want to have this playing on a loop on a giant television while playing Blood Dragon.

    • Cecil:

      Thank you!

      Wow, you are right, this is so very much Sledge Hammer…I loved that show.

      This movie is all over the place. It plays itself straight while all this insanity is going on around it. I’m amazed it exists quite frankly.

  • James Smith:

    Who the fuck is obscurus lupa?

  • john:

    Very few film do the over the top action/comedy parody well but this one actually looks pretty good.

    I know you didn’t like the first Crank (I think) but I thought that was a good film the sequel however was terrible. The Other Guys also tried the 80’s action cop parody but failed miserably.

  • Team up episode Woohoo! Lupa’s still doing the “Charmed” reviews? Ouch.

    Just how long is this movie? With all the points you covered (and stuff you likely had to cut) I can’t help but imagine this being some kind of epic length three and a half hour spectacle.

    • Cecil:

      Yep and she is only on season 6. The torture! (although I liked Charmed personally, I don’t think I would have the patience to cover the entire series)

      The movie is only 84 minutes but they cram a lot into that time.

  • Eric S:

    that was greatness! Team up (Obscurus Lupa), action, 80’s hair, over the top RIDICULOUSNESS and cookies! Definitely going down as one my top 5 out of 131 of your best reviews.

    Can’t wait for your next one. You keep upping your standard and that’s what we are expecting to continue, no pressure!

    • Cecil:

      Thanks lol

      No pressure at all! hehe (I’m doomed)

      But seriously, I’m always trying to keep the show moving forward and who knows what I’ll do next. 🙂

      Oh and working with Lupa was fun. She is a class act and this review wouldn’t have been half as entertaining without her help.

  • Nice teamwork there,Cecil! I have to check out Obscurus Lupa now,definately. Shadowe Stevens,there’s a face I haven’t seen in a long time(not that I was missing him at all)-sort of the Ryan Seacreast of the eighties there:)

    Oh,and cool Handsome Eric intro!

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! Lupa’s stuff is great, she covers a lot of ridiculously awesome/bad movies like Samurai Cop as well as better known stuff like the Tremors series.

      lol to be fair, Shadoe did at least have some talent while Seacreast just got lucky and landed on a popular show, then somehow turned that into a career.

      I’ll pass it along to Eric! Next week’s intro is another cool one but we were talking and as of currently, the Deathstalker one is the favorite. (for now!)

  • curtis:

    I just recently discovered you on youtube,when I did a search for bad movie reviews and alot of your vids showed up. I’ve already seen most of your vids. My one request was going to be to do more B grade action movies,then you come out with this video. It’s like you read my mind. I like the fact that your videos are straight to the point and do jokes in a low-key way,if that makes any sense. Anyways,keep up the good work and I look forward to more of your videos.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! Glad you made your way to the site.

      I’ve got some more cheesy action movies lined up for the next few weeks and they are some gems!

  • Michael:

    I was wondering what Lupa was going to do with the movie Traxx, which she had been tweeting about for a while. I enjoyed your review. This movie looks astonishing. Now I have to see it.

    Traxx’s cookie recipes remind me of Michaelangelo’s weird pizza toppings on the original TMNT cartoon.

    I’m glad to see that someone else remembers Time Trax. That show was great. I remember it being back to back with Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

    • Cecil:

      I can’t believe I never heard of this movie before, it is so what I’m into. If you can find it, check it out its totally worth it. Everything, and I mean everything in the movie is absurd.

      Ha, I didn’t even think of that. Yeah, the turtles would probably love these cookies.

      Time Trax was such a cool show, I was bummed it never really took off. I liked Kung Fu the Legend Continues but for me, Time Trax was better. Which bummed me out because Kung Fu got 4 seasons while Time Trax only got 2.

  • Bryn:

    Awesome as always.
    Just a quick question, is this one not going up on youtube? I only ask, as with youtube I can watch it on my TV.
    Keep up the great work.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

      Youtube is being stupid again. I got hit with a warning from MGM so I appealed and am waiting for the response. In the meantime, I’m back to the 15 minutes or less limit. So I can’t upload this one there until I get this straightened out.

  • Melissa:

    Wow, I love Obscurus Lupa and I love your videos. This was a crossover made in heaven! Have you ever thought about doing a crossover with any of her co-workers, like Nostalgia Critic or Cinema Snob? Or maybe even Phelous?. I can’t wait for your next review and also, do you have plans to do the movie “Monster Island” or “Demon Knight”?

    • Cecil:

      Thanks so much! 🙂

      I would love to do a crossover with any of them, especially The Cinema Snob since we both like the same kinds of movies.

      LOL Monster Island, that movie is a riot. I’ll add it to the list. Demon Knight is on the table, probably some time in the fall.

      • Cristiona:

        Speaking of Demon Knight… are the Tales From The Crypt reviews gonna come back?

        • john:

          Bordello of Blood?

        • Cecil:

          It’s on hiatus right now. Keith has been very busy and isn’t sure if he wants to continue or not. I called him a giant baby quitter but that didn’t seem to help much. lol

          • Keith:

            I’ll help out here, I actually have a few of season 3 written, but eventually, real life has taken its toll, so I let Cecil know I need to stop for a little bit and hold off on posting them and…well, I sadly just haven’t gotten back to them. I was watching some of my favorite episodes the other day (for those interested, Top Billing and Death of Some Salesman) and it rekindled that spark I originally had for the project and I have been thinking about picking it back up lately. Chances are I will write one up this weekend and hopefully get back into the groove.

            Long story short… I am far more lazy than Cecil and have trouble mixing real life in with side projects (working nights can do that).

          • Cecil:

            I’m incredibly lazy, I’m just good at adhering to schedules. 😛

          • Cristiona:

            No worries, Keith. I understand, especially the part about working nights taking it out of you. I was just curious as I liked reading them.

  • Bryan:

    This is an awesome review. The movie looks crazy. Same we don’t have more films like this today.

    • Cecil:


      It seems that this style of bizarreness has gone away. Now we just get movies like Epic Movie and people think it is the same thing…which it most certainly is not.

  • Viewer:

    It’s GREAT to see you finally getting some recognition among the “big” leagues. Any chance of joining the TGWTG? It couldn’t hurt the view count. 🙂

    By the way, if you’re a die hard fan of the movie, make sure to check this sweet one hour special on the movie, hosted by the awesome Mike White on his cool Projection Booth audio show.

    Man, I wish the two of you’d do something together. 🙂

    • Cecil:

      I’m not going lie, getting in there would be super fantastic. It certainly would bring in a larger audience.

      I wouldn’t be averse to doing something with the Projection Booth, they do some quality stuff.

  • Shaun:

    LOL Even The Toxic Avenger is more compassionate towards bystanders and misdemeanors than Traxx.
    Is it a crapsack town like the aforementioned movie or Hobo with a Shotgun? Or is Traxx an unforgivable anti-villan (

    Also, Cecil, any chance you can add a “E-mail when a response is posted” checkbox to your WordPress? I find you more responsive here than YouTube (I don’t have any idea how you juggle responding to FB, twitter, & in addition!), but it’s hard to keep track of any of the threads here. I know we’ve talked about Nemesis and Omega Doom, but have no idea which page!

    I have some other questions, but I’ll have to E-mail them.

    Enjoying the reviews more and more. Keep at it!

    • Cecil:

      The town in Traxx is bad but most of the “bad” stuff isn’t really all that terrible. So there is a lot of strip clubs and liquor stores. In Hobo with a Shotgun they lit a school bus full of kids on fire. The ridiculous thing about Traxx was that while the town he was taming was bad, he was responsible for about 95% of the murders. I’d say he almost has a character class all his own.

      That’s a good idea! I’m sure there is a plug in or something.

      I’ll be honest, it’s not easy responding to everyone. Now don’t misunderstand me, I really enjoy being able to have this back and forth with everyone but it gets tough with trying to keep track of everything! Right now I get comments, emails, etc, from no less than 10 different locations. While I need to get the show out there as much as I can, I will be happy if sometime in the future I can refine that down to under 5. It would make responding much easier!

      Oh and the reason I’m more responsive here than Youtube is because I can type as much as I want here. Youtube has restrictions on how large the comments can be.


      • Shaun:

        I figured as much about YouTube. A good thing is that most comments there don’t need a response!

        Sorry I’ve been posting a lot on your page and YT in the last couple days. Doing a mini-marathon to catch up over the few months I’ve been absent. Probably filling your box up!

        About a plugin, I was actually going to E-mail you about another plugin (and idea). So I’ll do a little research on an E-mail plugin too – to save you some time.

        • Cecil:

          There are a surprising amount of very nice folks that post on youtube. Sure I get the occasion yeller but nothing near as bad as some of the nightmare stories I’ve heard. Although I’m sure that will change if the show ever get big enough.

          Please, post til your heart’s content! I may take a little while to get back but I try to respond as much as I can. I’d rather have more posts than I can respond to than nothing!

          Thanks! I’m swamped trying to get The Devil’s Rain completed (taking a break now) so I figure I wouldn’t be able to look for the plugin until after sunday anyway.

  • Martin:

    While the movie looks like fun, during this review I was mostly thinking: “That Guy! Where do I know that guy from?” I looked Shadoe Stevens up and found out he was the star of (I think it was) a failed TV-Show (I think they made only a couple of episodes or maybe only a pilot) called “Max Monroe”. I used to LOVE that as a kid, but haven’t seen it since. Does anybody know if it’s in fact any good?

    • Cecil:

      Yikes, Max Monroe only had 2 episodes. I saw it ages ago but I can’t say if it holds up or not.

      • Martin:

        Probably not. I think I liked it because he played a crazy cop, a bit like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon, which I also loved. (Thinking about it, I must have been way too young when I watched Lethal Weapon for the first time…)

  • Jr.:

    Ive gotta say, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows her movies. Lupa is the best haha. Great review as always!

    • Cecil:

      lol awesome

      She’s great, had a lot of fun doing this. I’ll have to see if she wants to do another one sometime next year.


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