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Disaster Report – Good Bad Games

26 Responses to “Disaster Report – Good Bad Games”

  • Cristiona:

    Okay, that Gary Glitter joke just about killed me. Love it.

    Hm. Go with the jerk photographer, or the friendly girl with no panties. Yeah, that’s a hard choice. I also like how she’s riding side-saddle on a bike.

    Gotta say, this is a really involved game, even if a lot of it seems like padding.

    • Cecil:

      hehehehe, thanks! I watched that one a bunch myself because it kept making me laugh. If I make myself laugh I know I have a good one.

      Gah, that would have been a great line. Oh well.

      It is a tad linear but when it is going, it gets really intense. With the controller shaking and buildings falling down around you, it really works. There is some padding towards the end but that was mostly to help finish out the story. Still better than a lot of games that have tons of grind before you can move on. This is usually just figuring out what to do next. It has a touch of adventure game in it…with about as much death. (LOTS)

  • this was your best episode ever so funny C

  • Jr.:

    Living in So Cal, earthquakes scared the hell out of me. Growing older, its just something that you learn to live with. This looks like an intense game, some of the scarier movies Ive seen are actually disaster movies because of the fact that you live in an area with higher risk. I’m loving these more obscure games, Cecil! Keep em coming!

    • Cecil:

      I’ve lived on the east coast my whole life and I only ever felt an earthquake once. (that super weird one we had a year or two ago) It was odd but nothing like the ground rippers that happen out west. I’ll deal with the snow over earthquakes.

      The game does get intense at times and it is even better when the controller is shaking violently because of an aftershock. I really hope they put out the PS3 version.

      Awesome, thanks! Lots more obscure ones coming. (I just need more time!)

  • Steve:

    Great review! Land of the Lost references never get old.

    I can’t help but think the look of the graphics are lacking because of what seems to be a constantly moving/collapsing/changing environment. That’s a pretty tall order for any game engine, let alone on the PS2.

    Ever played ‘I Am Alive’? It seems to “borrow heavily” from Disaster Report. I say borrow heavily instead of rip off because I don’t really know its development history. Some of the similarities, especially the opening on an earthquake damaged collapsing bridge, having to navigate across beams, etc. are striking.

    • Cecil:


      The LotL music just fit too perfect.

      The game was not a AAA title, so they had to cut some corners in the graphics area. It still, in my opinion, looks really good for what they were trying to accomplish. It works very well and has plenty of “freak out” moments even with the lesser graphics. Gameplay always trumps graphics.

      I bought I am Alive on a Xbox sale but haven’t played it yet. Been meaning to check it out.

  • Viewer:

    Cool new intro. Also, great decision to spotlight a less known title again. Definitely looks like an original title.
    The villain Albert looks exactly like one of the leading (and totally corrupt) politicians in Serbia (one of the European countries that came to be after Yugoslavia fell apart). Here’s a photo of the guy:
    You be the judge.

  • Viewer:

    Sorry for double-posting again…
    If you ever decide to include TV show or episode reviews, please make sure Thunder in Paradise is among your priorities! 🙂
    That show did not age well, but if you were a Hulkamaniac did it really matter? 🙂

  • Patrick:

    Ahhh man i was hoping for a death montage

  • Timo:

    “The owner of the restaurant nearby gave their permission to enter the establishment if needed.” Because God forbid you trespass on anyone’s property while trying to escape a disaster area! It may be a life and death situation, but that’s no reason to be impolite.

    I think it would have been more awesome if you had taken out that helicopter by causing pieces of the building to topple onto it.

  • Piotyr:

    Do you have the sequal? I grabbed it at walmart when it was like 5 dollars and I don’t think I am ever going to get around to it (Too many games syndrome). Any interest? Not asking anything for it.

    • Cecil:

      Raw Danger? Thanks but I have it. I’m looking to do that around the fall possibly. I still have to do a playthrough and capture it.

  • Egil:

    Nice episode and I would love to see you do reviews of two really insane movie based games the first one is Jaws Unleashed and it is about the same thing you think it is the second one is the best fan fiction based video game ever make Scarface The World Is Yours witch is better known as fuck you Grand Theft Auto

  • Viewer:

    Apparently, there’s an anime show that kind of features the same elements as this, only more serious drama and less goofy thriller.

    Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – Trailer

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