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Golden Axe Beast Rider – Good Bad Games

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  • I’ve only played the original Golden Axe(picked the female warrior about the majority of the time) but this looks awesome! Too bad it didn’t take off there but somethings are just not appreciated in their day.

    • Cecil:

      Review scores are destroying creativity these days. A lot of game companies don’t want to take risks because if the review is low, even by a point or two, it can mean disaster.

  • I think I played a demo of this once on a friend’s machine.

    It wasn’t bad but I got frustrated with the “must dodge or block” mechanic as I’d always seem to want to pick the wrong one.

    I may have to give it another try…

    And daaaaaamn. You don’t see decapitations in video games like you’d think.

    Also, what’s your email to send some game suggestions to?

  • Steve:

    I really need to check this one out. I love parry/counter mechanics in fighting games and this definitely looks worth a try. Have you ever played the Conan game (the one with Ron Perlman)? It has a great counter based fighting system and is one of the most over the top gory games I’ve ever played.

  • Jr.:

    Great review, never played any of the Golden Axe games but i think id like to give this one a try.

    Also, It really reminds me that Ive gotta play Dante’s Inferno again. Now there’s a Good Bad Game.

    • Cecil:


      I got stuck in Dante’s Inferno and meant to go back but never did. I’ll probably have to start over again at this point. Amazing production value on that one.

  • jack:

    Nice surprise a Good Bad Games review on Wednesday.

    Does this mean there won’t be new video on Monday?

    Can’t say I am impressed from what I saw with rather dull environments, bad story and repetitive gameplay and objectives with standing on switches, kicking enemies into spiked pillars to proceed and recycled boss fights.

    Worst I think is the discussion to make it a single player that with all the good side scrolling brawlers including Goldan Axe is the fun had in co-op gameplay.

    • Cecil:

      I’m trying to squeeze in a Games video once a month. I’m still on track to put out a new Good Bad Flicks Sunday/Monday.

      Keep in mind, I was compressing 12 hours of footage into roughly 20 minutes. There is plenty of variety when you play. Plus, all the elements in the game are mostly taken from the original so it truly feels like a 3d version of the 2d classic.

      They just didn’t have the budget to make all three characters playable for the first game.

  • Nice thorough review Cecil. I appreciate the Big Rigs reference. Behind my golden Ocarina of Time cartridge, my unopened copy of Big Rigs is my favorite gaming possession.

    • Cecil:


      LOL wow an unopened copy of Big Rigs. That game is almost as notorious as Desert Bus. I have the Golden Ocarina Cart too! (still have the box as well)

  • The Viewer:

    You want more videos? Do a playthrough of one of the Fallout games. I’d see that for a dollar.

    • Cecil:

      Eek! I love the Fallout games but I think I would get too into them and not really talk much. I might try and do something shorter as a test, to see how it goes. What would be a good Post Apocalyptic game to play through?

      • Viewer:

        I know exactly what you mean. 100 invested hours per (new) Fallout game in my case.

        Postapocalyptic games? ? 🙂

        Bad boy racing games’ daddy:
        with “Zombies”

        The first and second Tex Murphy‎ adventure games are set in am irradiated San Francisco.

        If you want something from Asia:

        The ooold rpg Wasteland is said to be excellent
        It paid the way to Fallout, but you’d need time to play this too. The (isometric) sequel is finally coming out.

        There’s the STALKER series, but that’s a pretty well known series

        The completely forgotten Bruce Willis PS1 third person shooter about an actual biblical apocalypse?
        Bad this is kind of bad bad.

        In fact, if you were doing BAD bad games, it’d be easy: (the horrible Xbox / PS2 exclusive top down shooter)

        You know what? Here’s a wild card:
        A space station is attacked by a force of monstrous aliens who suck in their victims and use their DNA to clone themselves. Only the human security officer and a few alien scientists are left to stop the monsters from taking over the station, and then Earth. Third person horror shooter for consoles. And the voice cast is very fun:
        Lance Henriksen, Thomas F. Wilson, Clancy Brown, Kate “ST Voyager” Mulgrew, Michael Ironside and Brad Dourif. The game also features the music of Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin. This one is B gaming gold.

        • Cecil:

          Way ahead of you. 🙂

          I also have Wasteland 1-2, Fallout 1-2 and Tactics on Steam and GoG. (Wasteland 2 backer) I have the Tex Murphy games and Carmageddon on GoG. I have all the STALKER games on Steam. Run Like Hell I have around here somewhere. I’ve played the NES Mad Max but don’t remember it being good. Although I do have Outlander, which pretty much is Mad Max without the name for SNES.

          Thanks for reminding me of Tokyo Jungle! I didn’t realize it actually was released.

          Apocalypse. Serious business. ^^

          • Viewer:

            Well played, sir. Well played. 🙂 Your gaming cred is now without a doubt.

            Brotherhood of Steel for consoles, Willis or Run Like Hell (which is like a perfect 90’s B Sci-Fi / horror movie) alone would make for a very fun Good Bad Games year.

            Speaking of Willis, you may want to think about doing a Good Bad Games movie tie-in season (Willis alone can have his own summer of movie tie-ins with Die Hard Trilogy 1&2, Die Hard:Nakatomi Plaza, The Fifth Element and Hudson Hawk games).

          • Cecil:

            Yay 🙂

            I should show off my collection, it is quite ridiculous.

            I tried to record BoS on the PS3 but the emulation is buggy. I’m going to try and figure a workaround.

            I have the Die Hard Trilogy and Fifth Element games. DHT is fun, especially the driving part. Fifth Element had too many wacky platforming segments. (if memory serves)

            Now that I’ve worked out some things, I have a game in mind for a Let’s Play-ish. Its a game that if done perfectly can be beat in less than an hour. I used to play it all the time in the 90s but haven’t since then so I don’t remember much beyond the basics. I think it would make for a fun time. If I can I’m going to record it this weekend and if it doesn’t completely suck, I’ll post it.

          • Cecil:


            Found it!

  • Brig:

    Great review! 🙂 and I love the throwback intro!

  • Cristiona:

    I loved the hell out of the original and spent waaaaay too many hours playing it on a friend’s Sega.

    That said, this really strikes me as a game I’d like watching an LP of more than playing. It think the combat would be too frustrating to me. Still, I loved all the little callbacks, both in the enemies and the beasts (and, of course, having the Death Adder being the final boss). And, just to be shallow, I’m not about to complain about the cheesecake. I actually laughed at the white bikini at the end.

    However, I couldn’t help but think, “Gee, Firstborn and Secondborn would probably be much better at their jobs if they didn’t have railroad ties nailed to their backs.”

    • Cecil:

      I still play the original from time to time thanks to Sega smartly making it available on just about every electronic device.

      Oh, you better believe I did a playthrough in the white bikini. Although it is tame when it comes to something like DOAX Extreme Beach Volleyball. That takes me right back to being a 12 year old boy.

      Ha! Yeah, the design on the First/Second is odd but in the context of the game it makes about as much sense as anything else.

  • TenDropChris:

    Golden Axe IS my favorite game of all time. I always seem to make sure I own a port of it on whatever system I own. Best of all with my current PS3 I own both the Genesis and the Arcade versions. While I play much longer and more in depth games now, Golden Axe is still something I’ll play when I just want to have some fun.

    Needless to say I was excited about hearing that a next-gen game of the series would be coming out. I didn’t get it right away because I was trying to finish some other games at the time, but I heard all the negative things being said about it from the critics. I finally bought it, and found that I really wished I had gotten it earlier. (Wouldn’t have really helped sales numbers-but still). Beast Rider was nowhere near as bad as they were making it out to be. Flawed..yes. But enjoyable.

    I really liked the updated designs for the characters, particularity Death Adder. I like cool looking knight armor. Tyris looks great as well, I wish a few more of the cut scenes had the full render treatment. Also the different beasts, and the Queen of the Dead helped flesh out the world of Golden Axe.

    You’re right in that this game is more about defensive reactions then normal hack and slash,. I didn’t realize that until I was about half way through and but still often found myself falling back on those instincts in later levels when your surrounded by enemies and waiting for a counter opportunity often meant leaving oneself open from a side attack.

    I just hope Golden Axe the franchise isn’t dead. I’d love to know what those sequels would have been like. Hopefully we’ll see a new version/sequel someday.

    • Cecil:

      Between Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, and Alien Storm, I’ve played them all countless times.

      Critics ruined this game. They made it sound like a completely broken title. Meanwhile, Dark Souls comes out and gets praised for its difficulty levels. Sometimes I think they just all decide on what to like and what to dislike.

      I’m sure the franchise isn’t dead, just this edition. They will return to it at some point.

  • Perun:

    The video won’t load.

    • Cecil:

      Fixed it.

      The company that used to host these went out of business so I’m in the process of updating all the URLs. I’m about half there.

  • mogens:

    this was way better than screwattack made it out to bee just wish it was on ps2

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