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I am Number Four – Episode 128

You have no idea of what I’m capable of.

7 Responses to “I am Number Four – Episode 128”

  • Cristiona:

    I must be old. My first thought was Juicy-Fruit commercial. Then again, I think you’ve used that joke before.

    Actually… I’m cool with that house,believe it or not, especially with the header in the housing market. It’s easier to show off a house if it has power and gas, so those are sometimes left on. Hell, my house was empty for 11 months and it still had the water, gas and electricity turned on. Granted, the bank would probably notice the spike in usage, and there wouldn’t be internet, but it’s not as crazy as… say… aliens.

    Wow, 6 is awesome. Could we have a movie about her being a badass and skip the high school melodrama? I woud totally watch that.

    As an aside, when I see Oliphant, I always seem to think of Live Free or Die Hard. Not sure what that says about me.

  • And don’t forget Mark was played by Jake Abel: Winchester #3 from SPN and who also acted “The Host”, Stephanie Meyer’s 2nd fiction attempt.

    At the rate things are going, we’re going to be able to do 6 degrees of Twilight instead of just Kevin Bacon. (and that’s terrible)

  • If I ever met anyone named “John Smith” in real life I’m going to go up and ask him what he’s hiding from. It seems anytime someone answers to that name they’re either an alien, a robot or someone extra-ordinary trying to lay low and thought “Hugh Mann” would be too subtle of an alias. I get that “John Smith” is supposed to be the more common name in the Western Hemisphere, but I have a hard time believe thats the case anymore as I can’t recall ever meeting any “Smiths” in my life, and my surname is Johnson for crying out loud!

  • James:

    Great review Cecil! Flashlight Hands might be the dumbest shit in 21st century film.

  • john:

    I only watched about 35 minutes of Beastly and really didn’t bother about watching this film because of that one that got more attention although it is pretty funny in retrospect that usually in those types of films the spoilt popular high school asshole has to hook up with the unpopular ugly girl in time for the prom or something but in Beastly although looking like an alien character from Star Trek TNG he has a whole year to hook up with a hot chick.

    Alex Pettyfer would make a good Liquid Snake in the live action Metal Gear Solid game.

  • Jr.:

    Holy Crap! That IS Judith Hoag!

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