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Good Bad Flicks joins The Escapist!


I’m putting together a video that will explain what’s going on but essentially, this is huge news. 🙂

10 Responses to “Good Bad Flicks joins The Escapist!”

  • jack:

    Wow This is pretty big news congratulations. Actually surprised that you weren’t approached sooner by some big online website like Channel Awesome formally That Guy With the Glasses.

    Pretty much stopped visiting The Escapist after Jim Sterling left and occasionally in a passing moon watched some of Movie Bobs and Yahtzee’s video but was never much of a fan that the fast talk review shtick started to get old pretty fast.

    I guess you will go over the details in a future episode but how much editorial freedom will you have to cover specific movies and topics you want to talk about? Will you still be having your Patreon account?

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I am really hyped to be on there. Its funny how when I was first starting out I was thinking of how much I would like to be on The Escapist but never thought I would. Its a real pride booster.

      I still have full creative control over my content. I get to decide what I’m going to cover and what not. They have been a joy to work with.

      I’m still keeping the Patreon because while this is a paid gig, its still not enough to be able to do full time.

  • Irishfan:

    cool , congratulations. Cant wait to see what stuff you will be reviewing .

  • Steve3 in 3-D:

    GRATS, you deserve the broader exposure this will bring, Cecil.

  • demonknight:

    Wow. Your first Escapist was your best in quite a while! It was great. I didn’t plan on seeing Daredevil, but now I kind of want to.

  • Matt:

    Wow Cecil, this is great news! Congratulations! If anyone deserves this, it’s you. My boyfriend and I have been watching you every week for years now. We always have a good time, and we’ve been introduced to many an awesome bad movie thanks to you. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store 🙂

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I’ve been growing, improving, and evolving over the years and this feels like vindication for all my years of work. I’m not able to quit the day job yet but this is a major step towards being able to live the dream. 🙂

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