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A Dangerous Place – Episode 174

10 Responses to “A Dangerous Place – Episode 174”

  • jack:

    6:05 To be fair he did redeem himself by joining the Special Forces. 🙂

  • Roy:

    Nice work, Cecil. PM Entertainment has a solid library of B-action fare. They even put the late Anna Nicole Smith a Die Hard-ripoff called “Skyscraper” around 1995.

    I had such a crush on Erin Gray from “Buck Rogers” (RIP Glen Larson, though I was more of a Stephen J. Cannell fan) and “Silver Spoons”. Damn…

    And I thought Corey’s dancing in “Meatballs 4” was awful…:)

    Marshall Teague from “Road House” plays the evil sensei, BTW.

    Again, nice work and remember…”Thrill Me!”

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I remember them playing Skyscraper and To the Limit on a constant loop back then. Complete with unnecessary Anna Nicole nude scenes at any given moment.

      I think everyone had a crush on Erin Grey during the Buck Rogers years. (yes, RIP Glen Larson) 🙁

      I wanted to put the Meatballs 4 dance in there as well but couldn’t find my copy.


  • Cristiona:

    Mid-90s? Wow. At points, this looks totally 80s.

    Still… wow. This is like everything from that era rolled up into a ball.

    • Cecil:

      I would have thought this was 80s and sat on shelf too but if you watch the Magic Kid, you see Ted is definitely a little older in this. The problem with a lot of these PM entertainment movies is there isn’t much info on them. They pretty much cranked them out and moved on to the next.

      Maybe that’s my other calling, to do a documentary on PM.

  • Viewer:

    Good review. 🙂 PM Entertainment also made the best Terminator / Universal Soldier-inspired b-movie – “T-Force (1994)”.

  • bastardjackyll:

    Two questions, is FREEDOM STRIKE as awesome as that title sounds, and why didn’t someone tell me that Michael Dudikoff and Tone Loc were in a movie together!?!

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