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Netflix Instant Recommendations April 11 2014

Going off the grid for a few days so I wanted to get this out early.

8 Responses to “Netflix Instant Recommendations April 11 2014”

  • Muthsarah:

    Something just occurred to me when I was cleaning out my cats’ litter box last night: Conan the Destroyer. It’s EXACTLY the type of movie I would expect you to have done a GBF about years ago. But you haven’t. Are there still some bad 80s action flicks that even you don’t wanna defend?

    • Cecil:

      Conan the Destroyer. YES. Not sure when but definitely at some point.

      Hmmmm….I’m sure there are ones I won’t do but nothing rushes to mind. Most of the ones I’m refusing are more recent like Battlefield Earth and Ballistic Ecks vs Sever.

      • Muthsarah:

        Whoa, I totally overlooked this 2 1/2 week-delayed reply. Oh, so good. You should SO totally review this. Wow, even as I type this, I feel like my words are coming across totally ironically (layman’s terms, sarcastically), but it is SO totally not.

        Not that I wanna endorse Conan the Destroyer. It’s a mostly-bad flick. But I’ve come to expect that of you. *pats your head affectionately with only the delicate air of condescension*

        And screw that late-90s stuff. Set a cut-off date of 1994 +/- something incredibly awesome. Those two films prolly don’t even deserve to be included. Might as well GBF “Son of the Mask”. If your balls are THAT big, after all.

        Seriously, there are a lot of B-grade Arnold flicks I’d think are more deserving of a GBF endorsement. Like “Escape Plan”. That movie was DAMN fun. CtD was just mostly awful. But, well, if you wanna keep an implied date range of 1980-2000 or whatever, hey, it’s your show. But I think it would be not only fun and awesome, but also totally beneficial, to also feature recent (as in, still on RedBox/Netflix not-necessarily-streaming) service. Hell, given it’s stateside reception, even a gem like “Edge of Tomorrow” would have totally deserved a recommendation, were Tom Cruise not involved. Admit it. ADMIT IT. You know I’m right.

        • Cecil:

          Just for the record, I will NEVER do Son of the Mask. UGH.

          I have a ton of stuff before Conan, although if something presents itself, such as a new Conan, then I might bump it up. (to get the tangential hits)

          I heard Edge of Tomorrow was really good. I think it just had a weak ad campaign and was up against other things that hurt it. A shame.

          I don’t want to set a cutoff because I don’t want to limit myself. I have the stuff I prefer to pull from but every now and then I need to go with more recent stuff. Helps to keep things fresh.

  • demonknight:

    Having a Good Bad Flicks double feature tonight.
    Definitely Suburban Commando is up first.
    What should be second: America 3000, Oblivion, or The Time Guardian?

  • demonknight:

    You say Heathers would not be made today. I disagree. I am currently watching a recent film you said you have seen that fits the bill. That film is World’s Greatest Dad.

    • Cecil:

      Not just the dark comedy element. Heathers has teenagers killing the popular teens and making it look like a suicide for thing like that they were gay. Slater shots a real gun in school and isn’t expelled. The entire school is wired with explosives. Post Columbine, no studio would make this kind of movie.

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