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Prom – Episode 130

29 Responses to “Prom – Episode 130”

  • mogens:

    1.why not prom nigth?
    2.i wish there were more peoble like you that review bad movie
    3.i acsely like the tom and jerry movie tembles of doom and the kingdom of the crystal skull

    • Cecil:

      1 – the Prom Night remake was bad. The original I’ll get to later in the year.
      2 – I don’t because it makes me unique 🙂
      3 – nothing wrong with that
      4 – Temple of Doom maybe, Crystal Skull no

  • Ah the High School Prom. I remember as my school’s resident artist I was recruited to design promotional posters for the dance. There was a lot of controversy at the time over regulating dances that involved bumping and grinding. So to mess with student expectations I drew a poster of a couple in lavish turn of the century ballroom dance costumes.

    Since I didn’t want to pay money to spend time with people I couldn’t stand to be around otherwise, I just stayed home and watched “Titan AE” (which if might be a good choice for a review if you ever want to cover some under-appreciated animated features) Though I would be interested in revisiting “Sky High” as well. That was a movie were I thought that the writers and actors were doing their best in spite of a premise obviously chosen by committee.

    I loved the prefacing nouns bit. It reminds me a lot of how I frequently have to correct my peers on when they say “I did good”, when they mean “I did well.”

    It was filmed in Los Angeles? Then why were there so many Michigan license plates at the Varsity Party? Ah, who cares, I’ll look for any excuse to support my home state.

    • Cecil:

      Don’t feel too bad, I never went to my own Prom on account of the girl I was seeing at the time broke up with me a week beforehand. She thought the only reason I was taking her was to sleep with her afterwards. So I went to a friend’s house and we drank some beers and complained about women.

      I did eventually go to another girlfriend’s prom. I was 20 dating an 18 year old. Talk about awkward. I did not want to be there at all but went because it meant a lot to her.

      Titan AE is very visually strong but I thought it suffered in the pacing department. Still, it is a good movie. Hmm…I haven’t done much animated stuff, I’ll have to add this to the list.

      Filmed “mostly” in LA. The interiors and what not. A lot of the exteriors were probably just pick up shots and second unit stuff added in later.

  • Nice change of pace,Cecil(and cool intro!). I have a couple of Disney channel guilty pleasures-Wizards of Waverly Place and My Babysitter’s a Vampire(the latter is really more of a Canadian export rather than a full on Disney production). It’s fun to see the weird subversive elements that the writers slip into the shows( on Wizards,for example,one episode had Alex high on chocolate in a restaurant where she did what would be considered sploshing on another show),plus the candy coated shell that Disney is expert at slapping on can be hard to resist.

    Oh, and love Sky High(which was crying out to be turned into a TV show,in my opinion)!

    • Cecil:


      My wife loves Disney Channel, mostly Phinneas and Ferb and Good Luck Charlie.

      I like Wizards but mostly because Selena Gomez is very pretty. I don’t go out of my way to watch it. My Babysitter’s a Vampire really should be on another channel, like Nick perhaps. It is a good show that doesn’t get the attention from Disney because it is a bit more edgy. Look at their other shows, they have marathons and they repeat them nonstop. With MBaV they air the season and then it disappears until the next season. I checked it out because I was a Radio Free Roscoe fan and this had Kate Todd in it. Maybe I’ll do the movie…

      Disney does have a few zingers once in a while. The other night we were watching Jessie and Jessie was supposed to go to an opening for the new Jennifer Aniston movie. It went something like this:

      “You can go to see the movie next week!”

      “It’s a Jennifer Aniston movie, it won’t be in theaters next week!”

      That’s pretty funny.

      Sky High would have made for a great series!

      Almost forgot to mention, I love Gravity Falls!

  • Cristiona:

    The night nobody cares about social status? Yeah, I’m with you, Cecil. She must be going to school in Bizarro World. You know, I wonder… do any schools actually use bells? My high school had this awful buzzer that sounded diseased half the time.

    I think it changed from “the Prom” to “Prom” when people forgot that it’s short for “promenade”. Or because texting has obliterated articles. Soon, it’ll just be “prm”.

    Okay, wait. Stop. He asked her the DAY BEFORE the prom if she would go with him? THE DAY BEFORE?! What the hell? I was asked a *month* beforehand. I mean, it’s not like it’s a floating crap game. You know when it’ll be the first day of school!

    Glad you mentioned 10 Things. That was a fantastic movie and one of the best adaptations of Taming of the Shrew ever.

    • Cecil:

      The Prom is the epitome of high school social status. I mean, the Prom king and queen for crying out loud!

      The movie does exist in this fairytale land where in the end even the loser learns a valuable lesson and as such, everyone wins. Its so silly/sweet that it just doesn’t bother me.

      We had a bell that also doubled as the fire bell so when we had a fire drill, there was much confusion. That’s one of the many reasons why my old school is now closed.

      Good point. Like how Sci-fi changed to Syfy to appease twitter. I fear for what the English language will look like in another 20 years.

      Yeah, he didn’t decide to ask anyone until 3 weeks before the Prom. Then he spent the whole film (I didn’t show all the instances) asking girls and being turned down. Although, there were a few times where he would ask a girl in some wacky way but they wouldn’t see it. The dumb thing was, after they didn’t see it, he took that as a “No”. He could have asked them again but just moved to the next. It was all set up so he could meet the hot “disney punk” at the end. Which, in the real world, would have already had a date because she was very pretty and seemed like a cool chick.

      10 things is outstanding. Everything about the movie is good, especially Larry Miller. Proof that adaptations of source material can work if done right.

  • Viewer:

    I’m sorry Cecil, but I’m with Rollo on this one. After this review, I’m afraid the terrorists have won, if only a little. So stop reviewing filler like this and give us some real meat, like the ages ago promised but never delivered upon freedom loving reviews of Beat Street, Breakin’, Breakin’ 2 and Lamas’ Body Rock! We want the Breakdance Week! Come on man, only you got the skills to bring it on and you know it!
    Could have sworn that was Reggie Bannister! Is Dean his long lost brother he doesn’t have or just an average evil doppelganger?
    And who did that woman play in original Beverly Hills?

    • Cecil:

      You may consider it filler but this is a means to an end. While I personally enjoy the “bad” horror movie, B movie and such, I don’t want to do the same stuff all the time. It builds complacency and then things become stagnant. I would eventually run out of things to say and the audience would become bored. By mixing it up from time to time, this helps to keep things fresh and gives me a different type of material to work with. Also, I do have a soft spot for cheesy high school flicks.

      Prom was an experiment of going farther out of my usual zone (even farther than say, Spice World) and still seeing if I could present it in an entertaining and informative manner. I knew I wasn’t about to change most people’s opinion of something like this but I figured it would still make for a good episode. Plus, by not only doing a newer movie but doing a movie like Prom, I was able to get the show in front of an audience that normally may not have seen the show. Someone might check out Prom that wouldn’t normally watch an episode of something like Blood Diner. Now that they saw the show, if they liked it, they will be more willing to check out other episodes that maybe they wouldn’t have watched before.

      So while I’m headed back to do more movies in my usual zone, the occasional diversion should be welcome.

      I’ve been holding off of Breakin 1-2 because I keep hoping Shout! Factory will get them. They just released the Lucinda Dickey classic Ninja 3 The Domination and I know the Breakin movies are very highly requested. So while I wait for them, there will be others in a similar vein to come along.

      Evil doppleganger no doubt.

      Christine Elise was Brandon’s girlfriend for a while. She was the one who slipped some E in his drink at a school dance and then when he broke up with her she tried to kill herself.

  • Alexander:

    The third wheel joke was your best one ever, I think! So, when do we get to see what you look like? =)

  • joshnorm:

    Wait how do you overlook/forget DeVaughn Nixon is best known his classic role in Secret Life of an American Teenager….or as I like to call it the worst acted show on TV. That is my guilty pleasure, after seeing it so much on the Soup I had to start watching and boy it hasn’t let me down

    • Cecil:

      I loooooooove Secret Life and I’m really depressed that next week is the series finale. It is so far removed from what they initially started out as. The first season it was all about Amy and the dangers of getting pregnant in high school. It has turned into a show about just about every taboo subject you can think of, only done in a hilarious manner. (completely unintentional hilarity)

      I’m going to miss my weekly Adrian (Francia Raisa) fix. Her character is nuts but she is stunning!

  • mogens:

    1.little nicky
    2.happy gillmore
    3.the waterboy
    4.van hellsing 2004 or 2006
    5.old monster movies and b movies

    • Cecil:

      1 – I think I mentioned this before, even though I like it, I probably won’t do it.
      2 – No, too popular
      3 – Same as above
      4 – Definitely. Not sure when but it will happen.
      5 – more of them on the way

  • bastardjackyll:

    Props for working in two mentions of Sky High, that movie CANNOT get enough love. Did you ever catch any of the Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen movies that MTV put out? Maybe it was just lowered expectations, but the first one (and only one that I have seen) was a pretty fun high school slasher.

    • Cecil:

      Sky High was grand. Such a bummer it didn’t do well, it was one of the best live action Disney movies of the past few years.

      I saw the first Super Psycho but not the second. I liked it. MTV for as awful they are as a network (Jersey Shore, TRL) had a good run with movies from 96-99. (Joe’s Apartment, Beavis and Butthead, Dead Man on Campus, Varsity Blues, 200 Cigarettes) After that they had a movie here or there that were good but most I didn’t care for.

  • mogens:

    1.the yogi bear movie
    2.jetsons meets the flintstones
    3. the flntstones live action movie 1 and 2
    4.the neverending story movies
    5.the dracula vs frankenstein movies
    6.some georg romero movies

    • Cecil:

      1 – no
      2 – no
      3 – dear god no
      4 – I like the first one but I’m just not feeling the need to give it an episode
      5 – lots of old Hammer films coming eventually
      6 – I have Land of the Dead in the pipe

  • mogens:

    says the guy who review cool as ice double dragon and super mario bros i hate redjæsjens snif snif

  • Shaun:

    Keeping In this genre, by any chance, is “Getting Lucky” on your list?

    Sure you’ve seen it, given your USA Up All Night background. A good background summary by the DP is here:

    After researching that movie’s director, I got ‘Oversexed Rugsuckers From Mars’ to watch… big mistake…

    • Cecil:

      Getting Lucky is on there but the issue is it is hard to do comedy on top of comedy. I’ve been tinkering with the idea. So I can’t say definitely but I am thinking about it.

      It is a funny movie though back when the teen sex comedy was in full swing.

  • You don’t say “I’m going to prom” until you’re Northern English. “I’m going t’shop, chuck. Then, you’re going t’bingo.”

  • Jr.:

    Here’s a random fun fact: Lakewood, CA is a scant five miles from where I live. Greetings from Downey, CA!

    High school movies are fine, but I have yet to see a “realistic” high school flick. I use that term loosely since high schools are different all across the country, just my high school experience in general. Superbad was probably the closest I have seen it get.

    Speaking of my experience, the stoner kid and the “bad girl” are the closest friends I have ever had in high school. And I never went to Prom, so I cant comment on that. Great review, as always.

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